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What should be done with a US President who gives highly classified intelligence to the Russians?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30611points) May 15th, 2017

The Washington Post reports that Trump gave highly classified intelligence to the Russian Foreign Minister in their meeting a day after he fired the head of the FBI.


What do you want officials of the US government to do?

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Impeach him.

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At least it isn’t as horrible as sending Government Emails on a private server, now that is a real crime.
Sharing top secrets with Russia is fine though, after all they share so much with the usa.

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@SQUEEKY ^^Are you talking about sharing money with The Trump family ? ? ?

You are not in a position to make a statement as you cannot be shown USA Secret or even Confidential documents since you are a Canadian Citizen.

Secret is SECRET not something the President can decide to disclose.

And it was not a crime unless you are now a member of the Supremem Coust of the USA to use a private server.

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@Tropical_Willie You do know I was being sarcastic, right???

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MISSED the TILDE – - – - – -foreigner .~~~~~~

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Nothing will happen. Dictators never have to say they’re sorry.

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Impeach him! And all of the other Rethuglican dirt bags! I’d say high treason is a tad more serious than Clinton getting a b.j., and they cried about impeaching him till the damn cows came home.

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And by doing so he put the assets at grave risk. Braggart.

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@NomoreY_A . The Republicans went after Bill, on the fact that he lied.

Sounds pretty hypocritical now doesn’t it?......

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I don’t know.

I don’t think there’s a good, realistic, answer that could actually happen.

If sharing was a one time thing, or an extreme need, then I don’t think anything should happen. When it’s a pattern of behavior that shows no signs of stopping, as in this case, we’re in such a place that I think everyone just stands with “their side” and points fingers, eventually our attention spans limit the scrutiny.

In an ideal world, people close to the President would advise him that it’s not OK. It sounds like that’s already happened.

In an ideal world, if the President continued to willfully put his own agenda in front of the good of the country, he would find his circle shrinking and people who were once pulling for him would start asking the hard questions and requiring answers. That means Republicans have to start requiring some level of transparency and accountability, even if that’s behind closed doors. If that’s not met, they need to start going public with their lack of support. Once that happens, things start rolling.

The only way that happens though is if key people decide to put their own career second to the overall good, or Republicans voters stop supporting Trump in sufficient numbers.

But Trump has lowered the expectations to such a level that sharing secrets with the Russians isn’t even considered a top 10 public gaffe. Really, normal voters don’t/won’t care.

So we’re left waiting on career politicians (who are built to adapt their morals to the needs of the day) to grow a strong compass and decide this is wrong.

I’d bet at about a 35% chance that Trump doesn’t make it 4 years without an impeachment, but I doubt this is the cause. It’s going to take something criminal.

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Call him to go hunting, and then make it look like an accident…

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Award him Hero of the Russian Federation?

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I think we know everyone who was in the room—and there is denial from all of them. The story is fake. There is no ‘anonymous’ person involved. The NYT lied.

There is no one unaccounted for who has not publicly refuted the NYT claim.

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^It was the Washington Post…

If you’re going to hopelessly cling to defending the “fake news” BS, try to get some of your own facts right…

Let me guess. Obama wrote the article? Or is Obama wearing a Putin mask, and slandering poor Trump from both sides?

Trump sheep are a perplexing bunch… Only requirement is blind faith in Trump…

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As I said:
The Führer can do no wrong.

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Trump acknowledged the accusation, but said that he can tell anything to anyone if it so pleases him. If his intention is to appear competent or to discredit the accusations of too close ties to Russia, he is not doing very well. I originally thought that Trump would be able to stay in office until 2020. Now I am not so sure. He is even worse than I thought he was.

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@Yellowdog – Trump has said he shared the secrets… no one involved has denied he has. They’ve come out with carefully worded statements that he didn’t share “sources and methods”, which was never the claim.

You can read the link above from @LostInParadise (Fox News) or the one below (BBC). Or just go to twitter, which is apparently the new White House press department.

Trump defends ‘absolute right’ to share ‘facts’ with Russia

the post-facts world really bothers me

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Is it still fake news if Trump has confirmed it’s true?

Any how as president there’s no law stopping him from sharing info with the Russians. How ever as the info was highly sensitive (from a stand point of how it had been come by) to the point where the US had been asked not to share it with other allies to protect the source it’s a little embarrassing. It kinda makes the US executive look like kids with no idea what they’re doing (best case) or that it’s under the direct control of Russia (worst case). Either way I doubt anyone will be sharing any intel with the US for a while. Hopefully that doesn’t come at the cost of any lives.

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You can bet the Washington Post’s source will not be hearing as much info in the future. Nor will the Donald.

Here’s why leaking info is bad/horrible/sad/pathetic.
Anyone with important info that needs to be communicated, be it commercial, government, or whatever, has their own code to determine the source of a leak. Back In the stone age papers were numbered or printed with a UV code or other tricks. The codes can even be part of the text: an extra space between two words or the end of a paragraph or a word choice. If the sender is sending info to 16 people there will be a minimum of 4 tiny “meaningless” changes in the document. It can even be a change in content. For example: “The Lake Ontario water level is currently at 248.84 ft., This surpasses the record set in June 1952.” One switch might be the level. Some documents will say “248.8 ft”. Others will say “almost 249 ft”. Some might say “June of 1952” or “6/1952” or just “1952”. With that simple code in a document we can make 9 different files that all say the same thing. If someone says “248.8 in 1952” you have a good idea who leaked the info. Of course it. is more complicated and secure than this example, but you get the idea.

If you have confidential/secret info that has been shared with you, your job is to STFU and keep it to yourself. You don’t spread it, you don’t buy stock based upon it, you don’t tell your relatives. If you can’t do that, you will not get any more. Plain and simple. Assets’ lives are at stake.

Does anyone think Puti would do something as dumb as this? The Russians are laughing at us.

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Award him the outstanding compatibility with the US award as you lot so richly deserve each other.

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@ucme Ouch! That is a low blow – even from a Brexiter ;-)

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@LuckyGuy Truth hurts hey ;-}
Also, Brexit we definitely deserve in all it’s glory

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@ucme I heard future trading will be done in Maypounds and Trumbucks.

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Israel limiting intel to US:

NATO limiting intel to US

I guess we can always as the Russians WTF is going on.

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So the Orangutan has admitted he did it.
Give us some more excuses.

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I keep hoping the Secret Service will just become really, super relaxed and not very vigilant.

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Yeah @Dutchess_III but the alternative? PENCE!?? At least we all know the Donald is fucking nuts.
Pence is really super scary and extreme right wing, his views of women and the poor are a lot more disgusting than ole orange hairs any day.

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@SQUEEKY2 But Pence is someone you can fight. You never with Trump where the craziness is going to come from. And I don’t think Pence would push the button.

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Prediction: Impeachment won’t be necessary. He’ll wind up resigning.

Second prediction: The overseas tour he’s about to take will be a diplomatic debacle. And THAT’S what will lead him to resign.

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@Pachy From you mouth…....

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Sorry for the quick rant here.

I think Trump resigning, would be an admission of wrong doing. Or, not doing good enough.
I doubt his ego would allow him to be accountable for his own actions.

He, and his subordinates, will need to be painstakingly carved out, like the aggressive tumor they are.

Trump, will go kicking and screaming, and if allowed on social media will rant until he dies…

I hope voters hold the Republican scum, that have made a deal with the devil/shit on America to further there own selfish agendas, accountable come election cycles…

It would be nice, if Trump’s supporters, pulled their head out of their asses too. Trump is, unfortunately, everything his detractors have feared he would be. Maybe worse…
They caused a lot of damage by putting that lunatic, and the Republican congress that hamstrung the nation under Obama, in power.
They should at least start pulling R’s out of Congress ASAP…

Almost as important, Democrats need to do SOMETHING, instead of just watch the dumpster fire. Leaders must emerge. With good ideas. And they need to go on the offensive, and call out the Republicans, for what they are doing/trying to do to the country. And the fact that they don’t care who it hurts.

If something doesn’t happen soon, it’s going to be a very different government soon, and maybe world… Different in a bad way….

Short of revolution, the US needs it’s leaders to stand up for the people whom they are supposed to serve. There is a LOT at stake.

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I used to believe that, @MrGrimm888. But now I doubt his ego would could bear Impeachment, probable conviction and unceremonious ouster (aka known as “firing”). At least with resignation he could avoid admitting guilt.

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I’m telling you, a little incentive might be better for everyone. We’re getting close, but it could take years this way.

It’s not like he’s been above improving his financial stakes. With a big money resignation he gets to look “smart” and ride off in a limousine while any investigations continue with him having all the protections of a private citizen and enough cash to hire the best lawyers. From his point of view it improves his position in a lot of ways.

And he gets secret service protection for life. Maybe a presidential library.

We get a man who time warped from 1942 as President, but I’d say it’s worth it.

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@funkdaddy The presidential library would have many copies of only one book.

if money is going to change hands how about paying off some of the many creditors he screwed with his multiple bankruptcies. (Sorry, his company’s bankruptcies)

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“Hey Trump, resign and we’ll pay back the people you’ve screwed over.”

Doesn’t have quite the same allure.

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@funkdaddy True. But he won’t have to be looking over his shoulder all the time waiting for the next lawsuit shoe to drop.

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The problem is that the presidency has greatly improved the finances of Trump and his family. The financial incentive would have to be quite substantial. Running for president was a terrific investment. In order to curry favor, there are plenty of foreigners willing to run up tabs at the most expensive Trump hotels or to buy Trump properties for much more than they are worth. Years after Trump applied for branding in China, they suddenly granted it. Trump, for his part, shortly afterwards said that China is really not a currency manipulator, as he had previously charged.

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How’s the Nixon brand these days? Impeachment is not good for business. Not for his, not for his kids.

I’m saying think like Trump to beat Trump. Use the leverage you have to weight things toward your desired outcome rather than trying to reason with a group that has not shown any desire to think critically.

In scarier terms, he may be cornered soon and the most popular moves he’s made so far have been related to military action. He never takes anything “off the table” for a reason. He considers all options available in the same way he considers a legal bankruptcy and paying no taxes smart options. There isn’t a moral component.

I’d rather see just about any other outcome than a cornered Trump looking for a popularity boost. There are too many willing dance partners.

I understand I sound like a crazy person. I’m half joking about raising money. At the same time I think a real crisis for Trump leads us toward either impeachment or expanded military operations and moral pleas aren’t going to stop either. Something in a currency the man understands needs to be presented as an alternative. The only things I see are power, fame, and money.

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OK, we have to come up with some conspiracy theory to help the poor guy out. Like, they forced him to resign by threatening his beloved family, in spite of the fact that America knows that he is the best president ever.

Something that will allow him to believe that he is not guilty, he is not an utter failure, and that he had no choice.

You know he’d actually be relieved. He’s so sick of this President gig. It was just a game to begin with.

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^I’d rather put a scratch n sniff sticker at the bottom of Trump’s pool…

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THE US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE ASSIGNED SPECIAL COUNSEL TO INVESTIGATE THIS! Well, technically they’re only investigating Russia’s possible interference in the election, but I can imagine this will come under scrutiny too.

Is this unprecedented?

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@Dutchess_III The Special Counsel is also tasked with investigating links between the Trump Campaign and Russia.

That Russia actively interfered with our electoral process is unprecedented.

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I feel a sense of relief that things may actually come under control and Trump will go down in orange flames, disgraced, maybe even imprisoned, if he knew about it.

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Lets see—an F.B.I. investigation, a house investigation, and a senate investigation. None have turned up any evidence n over a year. what makes you think this special prosecutor will?

Will this assure you once and for all? I doubt it.

Julian Assange of Wikileaks did NOT get his damning information on Hillary from Russia. It came from right here in the U.S.A.from the D.N.C.s own Seth Rich (who was subsequently murdered)according to Assange himself and has stated this many times. Rich was pissed at what the DNC did to Bernie Sanders.

Funny how no one of you cares about Hillary’s Nuclear One deal, the ReAL Vladmir Putin collaboration story— or her mishandling of classified materials and destroying thousands of files when subpoenaed.

To other rants above— Trump doesn’t need your money nor will be bought out; Trump receives more death threats on his family than any other president in history and won’t back down to a bribe,, and Trump has done very well on the world stage except, ironically, with Russia.

Hillary committed more than 16 felonies as outlined by James Comey on July 5th in a 13 minute speech but was given a pass several times by the powers that WERE at the time. No one cared. But nothing has been found on Trump, and you were calling for impeachment. . Believe me, if there were anything on Trump, it would be across the country in two minutes.

One more caveat here on my part—quit calling Trump a dictator unless he exhibits such acts. Although most of whom he works with are Republican it is a very multifaceted system of checks and balancesTrump is probably best described as a a Populist if you need a hook to hang his platform on—and works within a constitutional democracy

I am looking forward to the Special Counsel’s findings but few of you sound like you will be satisfied with anything short of a coupe. His only crime is getting elected president.

Were Trump to resign or be assassinated or impeached and removed from office, you get Pence for president, not Hillary.

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I would be perfectly content to have an independent Special Counsel.
The latest story is that Trump tried to pressure Comey into stopping his investigation. link If true, that would be obstruction of justice, an impeachable offense, and now there are even Republicans discussing this possibility.

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@Yellowdog – Honestly, if what I’m saying sounds crazy (which I admit), can you look at the things you’re saying objectively and admit you also sound like you’ve lost some perspective on this?

The election was only 6 months ago, so I’m not sure how an investigation of the election and Trump’s actions as President in the last 4 months could have started before then.

I’m happy to be satisfied with the independent investigation and also happy to admit I’ve been wrong if President Trump makes it through his time without criminal prosecution, unnecessary war, impeachment, or gutting the checks and balances you point out. I’d be pleased to say things went better than I thought. It’s a low bar, but I’d be thrilled to be wrong.

If it doesn’t go well, will you also back away from Trump and say a mistake has been made in electing him? Will it just be that “the media” has been unfair? Because honestly from here, it doesn’t matter what I think, but if supporters get to where they’ve had enough, that can signify some change.

And maybe we don’t go down this path again. Really, that’s all I want.

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@Yellowdog I rolled my eyes so hard I hurt myself. That’s the most ridiculous load of malarkey I’ve ever heard.

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My eyes hurt too from rolling. Are you just deaf and blind @Yellowdog?

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@Yellowdog is a rabid Trump supporter.

No changing the supporter part.

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Oh, that’s insane @Tropical_Willie. Utterly insane. How is it even possible that he even has supporters any more, much less ones who will speak out?

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Hey the extreme red neck right wing sect are loyal if nothing else.
You have to give them that .

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If that’s all you have to say, I’m fine with that.

I think we’re all in agreement that a Special Prosecutor will settle this.

I don’t mind being called a “rabid trump supporter” if you view me as that. But I do want all of you to understand my point of view, regardless of your view of Trump.

What I am seeing is a lot of hysteria demanding impeachment even when there is no evidence of some kind of collusion with Russia.

I saw far more serious crimes with Hillary smashing Blackberries and mocking those who asked her about using bleachbit. I am more concerned about Obama’s deals with Iran, which were legal—than any imaginary “crimes” by Trump.

I know I could be wrong and could be deceived—but I have access to the same set of facts that you have. Three investigations (House, Senate, FBI) have found no evidence. I have to aver that this new investistigation with a Special Counsel will probably find some evidence on Flynn but nothing conclusive— and nothing on Trump. There may be evidence of a lot of illegal unmasking, leaks, and surveilence.

In the end, I don’t think anyone will be going to prison, charged, or castigated with anything. In the meantime, all I personally want is to stop the hysteria and overthrow this president by electing someone else, or on actual evidence if necessary.

Someone said something about the president only being in office four months. Interference with the Russian hacking was alleged as early as June 2016.

I welcome the new investigation. I AM a “rabid Trump Supporter” and I welcome other views, just not the smears and hysteria.

Let me reiterate that overthrowing or ousting Trump will only get you Pence—and a lot of unrest and distrust and further division.

Trump is not a true Republican although the Right tied to him over Hillary Clinton. Trump is a Populist and a Nationalist— the “populist” in his political views are for workers and jobs for American citizens including LEGAL immigrants.

Unless things REALLY go too far or evidence is found, just give Trump a chance and see how things are when it comes time to consider the next election.

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@Yellowdog his Golf Courses were funded with loans from the Russians. Duh!

His son said so in a article from Business Insider by Sonam Sheth on May 7, 2017

Eric Trump: ‘We have all the funding we need out of Russia’ for Trump golf courses

President Donald Trump’s son Eric told golf reporter James Dodson three years ago that the family’s company got much of its funding to build its golf courses from Russia, according to an interview Dodson gave to WBUR on Friday.

Dodson said he was visiting the Trump National Golf Club in Charlotte, North Carolina, after Trump’s public-relations representative invited him there.

When Dodson got there, he told WBUR, “Trump was strutting up and down, talking to his new members about how they were part of the greatest club in North Carolina.”

And when Dodson asked Donald Trump how he managed to secure funding for his courses, he said he had access to $100 million.

Dodson recalled that when he then asked Eric Trump to explain where the $100 million came from, Eric said the company wasn’t relying on American banks for the funding because American banks had been reluctant to put money into golf courses after the recession.

“We have all the funding we need out of Russia,” Eric reportedly said.

“Really?” Dodson recalled answering.

“Oh, yeah,” he said Eric Trump answered. “We’ve got some guys that really, really love golf, and they’re really invested in our programs. We just go there all the time.”

Donald Trump’s campaign associates and his businesses have repeatedly come under fire since the 2016 campaign and election over questions of their ties to Russia.

Trump’s national security adviser Michael Flynn was forced to resign in February after it emerged that he had misled Vice President Mike Pence about conversations he’d had with Russia’s ambassador to the US, Sergey Kislyak. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from any current or future Justice Department investigations into the Trump campaign after it was reported that he, too, had repeated contacts with Russian officials.

An unverified dossier on Trump’s ties to Russia included an explosive allegation that Trump’s campaign agreed to minimize US opposition to the Kremlin’s aggressiveness toward Ukraine if the Kremlin released negative information about his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.

A Reuters investigation in March also found that more than 60 people with Russian ties had invested almost $100 million in seven Trump properties in southern Florida.

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@Yellowdog Here is my POV.

What I am seeing is a lot of demands to look into actions that might, or would if the President was a democrat, warrant impeachment. The evidence is there and more and more is being uncovered every day.of collusion with Russia because of prior debts and business dealings between Trump (or his companies) and both individual Russians with ties to Putin/Organized Crime and businesses controlled by same. The more we look, the more we find. .

Your perception of supposed crimes committed by former candidates or office holders in no way justify those “crimes” by Trump. He (or she) did it first in not a legal defense; or even a moral one

I know I could be wrong and could be deceived—but I have access to the same set of facts that you have. Three investigations (House, Senate, FBI) have not released evidence because they are not yet completed. The investigations of the House have already been compromised by Republican roadblocks, foot dragging, tampering with evidence and unethical actions by the Republican committee chairman, Devin Nunes and , if I recall correctly there have already been statements made that there was Russian interference but the extent and involvement of Trump is what is now being investigated. .This new investigation with a Special Counsel will probably find some evidence on Flynn will find conclusive evidence that Flynn, and others were acting on bahalf of Trump. There are leaks and leaks are a necessity to maintaining an open government when you have one that is intent upon keeping its actions and reasons for its actions secret from the American people.

In the end, I don’t think anyone will be going to prison, charged, or castigated with anything. In the meantime, all I personally want to find the existing evidence, if necessary, remove the blight that presently resides in the White House if justified.

Someone said something about the president only being in office four months. Interference with the Russian hacking was alleged as early as June 2016.

I welcome the new investigation. I AM NOT a “rabid Trump Supporter” and I welcome other views, just not the smears and hysteria.

There is now a good chance that Pence knew, and lied about knowing, about Flynn. My personal opinion is that he did and condoned if not encouraged it. If so, Pence should also be ousted. No matter what the outcome there will be a lot of unrest and distrust and further division.

Trump is not a true Republican although the Right tied to him over Hillary Clinton. Although he presents himself as a Populist and a Nationalist, Trump is really just a Trumpist — the “populist” in his political views are put forth in order to get American workers to blindly follow him no matter what and jobs for American citizens is a mere pipe dream without a major paradigm shift in how things are done. His stance will shift as necessary or as of whatever whim he has that week.

I think we have gone far enough to see what a Trump America will be like and it is more of the same: The rich will get richer, partially by eliminating any tax burden they may have. The working class will continue to struggle and will get poorer in the process. Automation will continue to take jobs away, as will outsourcing. Mexican immigrants will continue to be blamed for job losses. Protections will continue to be eroded and we will return to the 1970’s and worse when it comes to air and water quality. Corporations will continue to rule with Goldman-Sachs getting the lions share. Banks will continue to make questionable business deals and expect to be bailed out by the taxpayers when it all goes to hell. Yep, I don’t see a whole lot of need to wait until 2020 to make a decision on whether or not Trump should go.

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Well, if he hasn’t committed an impeachable offense, he won’t be impeached. Then you can thumb your nose at us @Yellowdog.
Chances are, though, he has and he WILL be impeached and removed from office. Could you still stand behind him then?

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I appreciate your point of view, @Yellowdog. I do think, however, that the fact that the investigation has been going on for a year doesn’t mean—at least necessarily—that there isn’t anything there. The Hillary investigation, from the FBI confirming they were investigating, to the FBI announcing their recommendation, was almost a year itself (see timeline here), and then it got briefly reopened a couple of months later… and that was a much less complex issue, with many fewer parties potentially involved. The current investigation is a much broader scope—many more US persons, international ties, and many more dimensions than email records to consider. If you feel that she got away with things after a year’s investigation of a narrower issue, then a longer and broader investigation is a good thing for this situation.

Additionally, there is no evidence that Seth Rich was WikiLeak’s source for the DNC documents. There is, however, much evidence supporting the findings by the US intelligence community that Russia was behind it. Seth Rich’s family has gone on record saying that they wish people would stop connecting their late son’s death to a conspiracy about the hacking.

There is also reason to believe Russia employed a similar strategy, to less success, in the recent French election.

If anyone’s interested, I came across this Newsweek article when I was looking for a source to link about the attempts to hack Macron’s campaign. It compiles a bunch of different reports of alleged Russian hacking/interfering attempts in many different countries. I haven’t looked any farther into most of the claims.

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Anyone else think it is interesting that Russia picks NOW to change their ambassador to the US Sergey Kislya, someone whose name has come to the forefront of the Flynn investigation and has been implicated many times in the investigation of the Trump/Russia connection, with Deputy Foreign Minister Anatoly Antonov?. Article Note, the article says maybe but recent reports say the Duma has approved Antonov.

Yellowdog's avatar

Of COURSE I could be wrong—and would change my position if the facts supported it..

But right now, all I see is a lot of people hysterically trying to oust the president or de-legitimize the last election. Thanks for your information. Some say there is no ‘there’ there—but in reality, there is ALWAYS more there than any one perspective can understand.

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The president speaks for him self, in all his debase, disgusting, narcissistic whiny glory.

I loved that line on SNL: The press makes me look bad because they repeat everything I do or say.

rojo's avatar

Ok, @Yellowdog you really need to drop the pejorative “hysterical” adjective. I know they stress that in conservative school but nobody but conservatives see hystronics in what is happening and no one, except maybe Trump, is hysterical.

rojo's avatar

This should lead to some interesting developments…........ House Russia investigators get access to Treasury Data on Trump

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It is hysteria when large numbers of the population believe something is happening when it is not. Think about what sweeped the nation when the War of the Worlds radio drama went on and huge numbers of people really believed it was happening. It is understandable how they may have thought the reports from Grover’s Mill were authentic—but in the drama when the entire world was being decimated, it should have been obvious that nothing was happening. But it wasn;‘t

Some recent examples— many younger people today believe Trump is worse than Hitler. When you mention the holocaust (a surprising number of which have been taught didn’t happen)—and mention the camps, they will say what Trump is doing to “immigrants” is just as bad or about the same thing. I am not kidding.

Some recent things that have been reported:

—The Washington Post reported that Rod J. Rosenstein said he would resign because it was his recommendation to fire James Comey. However, Rosenstein said on several interviews that he did NOT say this—and has always maintained that Comey needed to go,

—The Washington Times reported that James Comey went to the Senate to request more money for the “Trump Investigation” the day before he was fired. But Andrew McCabe denies this ever happened and that all investigations involving Russia and the election process has always been well funded.

—The New York times reported that Donald Trump gave highly classified intelligence to the Russians (hence this thread starts) but everyone in the oval office denies this, and four have in interviews.

Numerous people even on Fluther has lamented or gloated about Donald Trump making an idiot of himself or America in his foreign relations. But remember the story that Donald Trump hung up on Australia’s prime minister? Never happened, Malcolm Turnbull said so himself. There have been no negative meetings with any foreign leader that hasn’t been cordial—yet look at the hysteria which doesn’t regard facts,

When people are burning down buildings and blowing up cars, showing their body parts and killing police officers in the name of ‘tolerance’—we have group hysteria.

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Do you have a link to the Turnbull statement?

Don’t you think it looks suspicious that Trump fired someone who was investigating him? Nobody else has said that Comey was not doing a good job. McCabe had high praise for him.

It is still the case, admitted to by Trump, that he gave highly classified information to the Russians. Does that not seem inappropriate? Just because it is legal does not mean that it was the right thing to do.

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I know you don’t trust Fox News, but they showed the interview and it would take a lot of CGI (computer generated imagery) to make Turnbull said these things when he was with President Trump.

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^^^There ya go again with that hysteria bullshit. Find a new word/talking point.

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The Donald has already said he disclosed SECRET information to the Russians.

So what is the point you are trying to make, “You love his ass and think he can do no WRONG!”

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Personally I feel very uncomfortable with a president who lies so readily and so easily. This isn’t hysteria on my part, hysteria usually fades with time, but I will never be happy with a liar for a leader. I mention only one Trump characteristic that I believe makes him unfit for office. There are others.

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It’s happening @Yellowdog.

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