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How much does it cost to fill up your gas tank?

Asked by trudacia (2508points) August 10th, 2008 from iPhone

My lease is up in two months and I’m thinking of what to get next. I live in NY and I’m currently paying $70 – 75 to fill up my tank.

If you please, tell me the make/model of your car, how much it costs to fill up your tank and the current price of gas in your city. This will help a lot with my decision.

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Right now, about $45. The price of gas is about $3.84. It is a mid-range model American made sedan. The tank is 14 gallons.

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$73 to fill up my C63 AMG. 17.4 gallons

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I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse and I fill up with about 45$. The average gas station here in Jacksonville, Florida is about 3.89$

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Mercury Mountaineer,
89 Octane: $4.65
Approx., $85.00

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Wow 4.65 for 89 octane! I pay $4.20 for 91 octane

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2007 chevy pu $75.00 when i have a little less than 1/4 tank

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$0. Don’t have a car, which is a nice feeling.

I did just pick up a vintage 305cc motorcycle. Gets about 50mpg and has a 3 gallon tank. So that won’t be more than $15 to fill up.

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95 and 96 integra unfortunately they both run only on 91 octane. 45 on an empty. 4.49 average for 91 around my area.
25–28 MPG.

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$25–30. 8 gallon tank.. gas is about $3.60 here right now.
I get somewhere around 40 miles per gallon.

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87 – 15.3 gallon tank. C. $45 with gas still over $4.00. 2006 Subaru Forester (for severe winter weather.)

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A half rack of Pabst is $6.99 at 7–11. I don’t drive.

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$14 or so for my ‘07 Ninja 650 and if I let my truck go to empty it’s about $90 (‘02 GMC Sierra)

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Didn’t know you were a PBR man, JP.

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Babo doesn’t like to get gas!

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I love PBR.

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As do I. And anybody else with decent taste.

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$19.40 to fill up the ‘06 Ford Eco-Sport and $26.00 for the Alfa Romeo 159 (@ $1.94 a gallon of premium petrol)

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$1.94 a gallon for premium…?
Where the hell do you live?

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I’m living in Ecuador now Lefteh :) it’s a paradise

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Wow, nice. A friend of mine studied in Ecuador for a year and loved it.

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You should come, I’m sure you’d love it too!

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As am I. However, I can barely afford to get to work and back.

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My wife and I decided to go out last night on an expensive date so we went to the gas station to tank up my truck. Over $100.00 on my Avalanche. Guess I will soon need an extra job for gas.

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Price just plummeted here to $3.88 for 87 – as of this morning at least.

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