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Why does Fluther seem to get more SPAM, at certain times?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16914points) May 16th, 2017

I’m in EST. It seems like the SPAM comes out at night…

Just curious….

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China/South Korea/Vietnam and so on. Asia is just getting home from the day job so they are onto job #2. Spam.

I run a site and 90% of the spam is from the countries listed above. So I just block them. I don’t like doing it since there might be one good user from Vietnam but it is a pain to clean up the mess that the 99% make.

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I thought most were from India The specific locations they flog are.

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@johnpowell I notice that there are the most Indian spammers here. And some of the craziest questions are made by Indian users too. But that’s just me.

Actually @MrGrimm888, they are the most active during the noon – late afternoon, according to my time. This is usually the time when they have their noon break or just come back home from work and they have time to spam.

As a Vietnamese I’m so sorry on behalf of those atrocious spammers that plague Fluther everyday. They give us Vietnamese netizens a bad name and make me feel really bad for even carrying my Vietnamese IP around the internet.

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@Mimishu1995 Don’t worry. We all still love you. :-)

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I see them more in the morning. I honestly love the questions that aren’t selling a project or linking a website, but the ones that are asking the most ridiculous questions. (Like the bubble butt one) Those make me laugh so much. They aren’t necessarily spam, just trolling. (I always seem to fall for them, too.)

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In addition to that ^, many of our mods are in America so they’re asleep and not modding away the spam at night.

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