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Is there a site where I can find my mom's cell number withpout paying anything?

Asked by redsgirl4eva (262points) August 10th, 2008
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Call her home number and ask her?

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no home phone she only has a cell phone that is my big problem

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Do you know anyone else who knows her?

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No, why?
Well, because it is personal information, the only way would be to pay to receive such information, yes you can look up a cell number on say white pages, but it will only be where it is registered, it won’t have any names or anything, just the town or city that the cell number was registered in.

I mean I could be mistaken but technically it is illegal to receive information like that for free, otherwise we’d all be screwed over by telemarketers…....

Can you not email or otherwise?
ask your father? relatives? other family?

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Wow america is weird. In norway we have a lot of free, legal services for this.

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That’s privacy.

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Well, in norway you are automaticly signed up to the white pages by default. you can be removed from the white pages.
Personally i cant see how it would hurt to be in the white pages unless you are a celeb or something.

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* Looks up my phone number in the white pages *. Hey, my name, my number, and my address. That’s privacy. (or not)

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Most addresses can be found in the white pages. A number can be excluded from the listings (my home number is) for an extra fee, If I remember correctly.

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Hold on, john, landlines are different, landlines hold all sorts of information such as household, people living there, street address, etc.

Cell phones have no location etc (well.. technically for the most part, in the end they can move about and are not in one set location, but yes there are ways to locate a cell phone)

Landlines aren’t like cell phones in the world of white pages because cell phones are direct contact with you nowadays, whereas landlines are.. primarily not your number one service of phone connectivity.

if something happens to your home, landlines are what gives the police or firemen your home’s location.

Okay for example, I just reverse looked up my cell number, it shows a map of where the first time my cell was activated, and the largest city near where it was activated (Atlanta). It however is not tethered to my name, or address or otherwise, cell phones are private systems, I’m assuming once again because it’s your primary contact.

Landlines are direct with your home location and otherwise.. not entirely sure why, maybe some huge government scheme…. dunno!

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My mom called my friends house so I was able to get her cell but thank you everyone for your answers to my question.

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