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Cinnamon in Coffee ?

Asked by fosmo (4points) May 16th, 2017

We love cinnamon in our coffee ( Keurig ), but the metal filter basket eventually plugs up with cinnamon. Suggestion how to clean/dissolve/remove the cinnamon ? Have yet to try the oil.

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Put it in your coffee once it is in your mug.

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^Same answer.
Cinnamon is probably too thick for the filters
Here is a link that talks about how to clean a Keurig. My apologies for it not talking about how to clean a Keurig specifically if it’s clogged with cinnamon.

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Keurig sells their own brand of coffee cleaner, but Bed Bath and Beyond sells a cheaper product that works as well, and they guarantee it will not damage a Keurig.

I’m thinking that the cinnamon swells up when it’s been wet for a while. That may affect how easy it is to remove it.

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Try cinnamon sticks.

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