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How is the Republican party going to spin it, if in the future it is found out Trump did collaborate with the Russians to win the Presidency?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20608points) May 17th, 2017

How do you think they will react?
Will it be the end of the Republican party, or will they just put some crafty spin on it?
This is just hypothetical of course, just want to hear peoples opinions on it.

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It is already in major spin mode but they will find some way to justify it in their own minds.

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Saw an editorial cartoon (sorry I can’t link to it) with the following:

The New Republican Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to my Trump
And @#%?&#!!! the rest of America
And to his ignorance and tiny hands
One corrupt blob
Under investigations
And I condone it all.

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I expect they’ll just try to make it about Trump being one bad ap… er, orange, not like them…

Isn’t Trump already treated by pretty much everyone as an exception, rather than a typical representative Republican?

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Many will blame Obama.

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Sad part that is probably most true, @MrGrimm888 , they sure love blaming him for everything.

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Yup. I wasn’t kidding.

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Yup, it was Obama’a fault and Trump use to be a Democrat supporting Obama and Clinton. So he wasn’t a Republican. Faulty logic 101 for all Republicans in office!

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They’ll simply blame Obama, and both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Easy peazy.

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Trump had to do it, to protect the country, nay, the World from Hillary. And he’d do it again.

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^But who will protect us from Obama?!.....

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Obama hates America.
He tried to destroy it, and ended up tripling the stock market, saving the car industry, creating a health care system, and creating a staggering number of jobs.
He tried to destroy America. He’s just really bad at it.

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@SQUEEKY2 I think we need to consider the huge (yuge) diversionary tactic created by the left in order to assuage their snowflake egos, and how they are going to explain the cost to us. We, the people are paying big time for this crap.

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I like it.

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They will call the whole thing a “mistake” (aka the politicians’ ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card) then, unfathomably, be re-elected.

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