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What if the Russia investigation comes up empty handed?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (25189points) May 18th, 2017

Now that a special prosecutor has been appointed, in the event that nothing comes of this investigation and it is determined that there was no collusion between Russia and Trump or any of his affiliates, would you accept those results?

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Sure, doesn’t mean I still won’t trust him but at least he will be cleared of this scandal.

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As a law abiding citizen of the United States of America, and a life-long Boy Scout to boot, yes, it will work for me, as it should for everyone. (The way he’s going about it, there might yet be something else that comes along that we can drop the hammer on him for…)

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Not until I see the birth certificate… long form.

I kid. Of course, totally happy if they find nothing. Part of the investigation has to be the rest of the campaign, so Manafort and Flynn and the whole crew are more likely to come up than Trump anyway.

But it needed to be looked at, if for no other reason than to make recommendations how to prevent outside influence in the future.

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There still needs to be an investigation into that “two scoops of ice cream” thing.

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You all understand Trump has denied any contact with Russia Okay only 18 times during the campaign but he must have forgot about getting loans from the Russians (maybe Russian Maifa too) to run his Golf Courses.

I think if his lips are moving he is lying

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Politicians will find another bogey man to stoke the public fear, confusion and sense of imbalance. And thus give them (the politicians) a basis to claim retention of their privileges and perks, since they are running out of money to pass around.

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No collusion between the Trump administration and Russia (read: Putin and his oligarchs) would be fabulous news.

Whatever the results of the investigation, I want as much as is possible to be shared with the public. I think I’m going to be a little suspicious, whatever way it falls, if it all remains opaque. I want to know what in the news was legit, what wasn’t, and why.

However, as some others have mentioned, there not being collusion doesn’t mean I’ll suddenly agree with the Trump administration’s agenda, or that I’ll necessarily trust them to do what’s in the best interest of the country. “Not colluding” is a low bar. Trump’s policy choices run counter to most everything I think would be beneficial for the country.

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I would accept the resulsts, but conclusions aren’t apt to appear for months or even years down the line, and God knows that by the time the Russia issue is resolved, Trump and his administration will be embroiled in more scandals, controversies and investigations than you can shake a stick at. Rest assured. There will be no respite. The Donald just can’t help himself.

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I think Mueller will carry out a thorough and honest investigation and I will accept his report as being as close to the truth as we are going to get.

There is no doubt Russia has tried to influence the democratic process in other western countries and I would be very surprised if they havent tried to do the same in the US.

The question in my mind is not whether they have done it but what has been the extent of it and how do we prevent it happening in future.

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I’ll reserve my “absolute right” to decide when the investigation is over.

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Yes. I still have faith in the system. When the Senate gets to actual lawyering, they are very good at it, especially whem the country or one of their parties are at stake.

If there is nothing in this investigation and there is np ousting or conviction of the president, I will be greatly releived for two reasons:

1) Watergate was a nightmare for every American living at the time. It affected everything: the way we view our government, it affected the stock market and therefore jobs, and an energetic citizenry became apathetic, lethargic and cynical. It was tragic to witness. I don’t want for my country to go through that again.

2) The last person who I want to see occupy the Oval Office is Pence.

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Then it would have been a successful distraction of Americans that it was the DNC who rigged the election, not the Russians. By the time this is over, most people would have forgotten about the DNC involvement.

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On the other hand what if the Russia investigation comes up Trumps?

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