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How well could you possibly draw with a BIC, blue-colored, ballpoint pen?

Asked by Myusernamenotyours (177points) May 18th, 2017

I had to go to the psychologist and one of the things he had me do was draw a tree, a house, and a person… all he gave me to draw with was a BIC, blue, ballpoint pen…

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I could do that. I drew a portrait of a vicar during a sermon using his pen once. He was a bit pissed off that I had used his ink. Obviously not an art lover.

However, if this psychologist wants you to draw, the least he could do is give you some reasonable equipment to work with. Some coloured pencils, felt-tips, or even just ordinary graphite pencils!

How did the drawings turn out?

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Well, let’s just say… I’m not exactly Vincent Van Gogh with a blue pen, but I am fairly decent with a pencil.

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I could draw ok, but not as well as Emil Ferris

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I drew pretty well in elementary school with a bic pen and binder paper.

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I could do pretty well, but I dabble in art. I love to draw. I’ve used pencils, pens, chalk, charcoal, you name it.

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I’d do well too, I draw fairly well as it is so could make do.

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Pretty well. I’d probably make them into some sort of scene…

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I suspect quite well. I have never tried to draw in ballpoint pen, but I’m told that it’s quite similar to drawing in pencil and I am quite skilled at pencil drawing. It’s on my to-do list. We’ll find out soon enough.

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All this talk is making me itch to go grab my drawing pad.

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If you practise enough you can get really good at drawing in pen, I’m reasonably good at it. I really love pen drawings.

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When I was younger I could draw with anything. I’ve lost some of the skills I had back then but I think I could still draw with a pen. Back then I could even do shadowing with a pen. It doesn’t work now. Bic pens aren’t as smudgy now. Dries pretty quick now.

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Pretty well but in your case, I’m sure s/he wasn’t looking at your artistry.

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If you search online for “blue ballpoint pen drawing,” you’ll see some stunning examples.

As for me, personally, not so well at all. But, that’s true for any applied-arts medium.

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No problema. I wouldn’t give it a second thought.

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@RocketGuy Superb examples. I am totally hung up now on looking at various BP pen art. Thanks for that!

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You didn’t demand some drawing pencils? I can’t draw so it would not occur to me to complain. :) I would just draw some stick figures and be done with it.

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