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Can Anyone Give An Idea Of A Short Story About Mafia For A Short Film Of 20 To 30 Minutes Duration?

Asked by Bluepcstacks (10points) May 19th, 2017

Me and my team have been writing a couple of stories to make a short film of 20 to 30 minutes duration, so we’ve chosen mafia background, we want a moral to be included (like unity), can anyone help with some ideas?

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That depends – what percentage of the profits do I get in exchange?

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Honesty is the best policy. But whose honesty? Yours or theirs? (Not everything is as it seems.)

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Pull up some of those old “Untouchables” episodes on youtube.

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Read Frank Calabrese, Jr.‘s autobiographical book Operation Family Secrets: How A Mobster’s Son And The FBI Brought Down Chicago’s Murderous Crime Family. That should give you plenty of ideas. Here’s an article that’ll give you the short version:

Basic storyline: a crime boss’s son rejects his father’s lifestyle and risks his own life to help the FBI end his father’s career.

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How about an old mafioso is dying. Family comes to visit. Words of wisdom and some regrets are exchanged.
Old guy makes a dying declaration/wish which shocks everyone.
BOOM! mic drop

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Well, let’s see here…..OK, Mario flies from Brooklyn to Sicily to visit his dying grandfather Biaggio, a local Cosa Nostra capo di tuti capo. Biaggio speaks no English, and Mario, well, the only Italian he knows is ‘veal parmigiana’. They have a loving, tender meeting anyway. As Mario is leaving, his grandfather says “sparato contoro toti” (I am thirsty). Mario misinterprets that to be “sparo contro tutti” (kill them all).

Mario returns to Brooklyn and, unfortunately, when five family members pick him up at JFK, he kills them all, right there at the ‘Arrivals’ gate.

Moral: Always double-check foreign translations before proceeding with anything.

The End

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How about telling us what you and your team have so far?

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