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Can you help me with some questions I have about renting a car?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44183points) May 19th, 2017

We need to rent a car here tomorrow and drop it off in Nebraska tomorrow afternoon. I contacted Enterprise and they’re only $37 a day, but since I’m not returning it to this location they charge an extra $80.

I’ve rented cars before, but never one way so I’m new at this. What can I do to save some bucks? Any tips?

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Here’s the info you need !!

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Thanks. Guess the answer is “No.” I’m checking for coupons now, though.

Remind me not to rent a car in Paris and drop it off in Barcelona, though.

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Sometimes rental car companies will let you do it. But you have to call.

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Search me. Just take a Greyhound, and leave the driving to them. Or see the USA in your OWN Chevrolet.

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Depending on “where in Nebraska” you’re dropping the car, the charge may be waived. No one from the rental company wants to drive to East BF Nebraska to pick up the car, but if it’s dropped at the Omaha airport, then it may be a different story: cars dropped at airports can usually turn around quicker and obviate a one-way drop-off charge. But that has to be determined up front.

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@NomoreY_A we considered a bus ticket. It would cost more per person than driving a rental. And I’m not out to “see” the USA. We’re going to Nebraska to probably buy an SUV. So we’ll drop off the rental and drive the SUV back.

Let me see where Omaha is from Hastings, where we’re going.

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Let you drop a car off at a different location without a charge

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I actually spoke with them this morning.

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Try pricing all the companies that are convenient to you, and tell them you are pricing them against each other until ones gives you a good deal, and notice all the nasty little gotcha extra BS games they might play with required insurance and gas and mileage fees and whatever.

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I’ve seen drop off fees as high as $450, and as low as zero.

You can shop around a little and see if you can find a car company that doesn’t charge a drop off fee.

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Oh, it’s done. This was really last minute so I messed myself up by not giving myself enough time to shop around.

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@Dutchess_III: I saw the pic on FB. That was a tiny car!

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NO kidding! Ugly too. My daughter named it the USS Hideous! We just called it Sparky. I kept mumbling, “Sparky. Sparky,” and making sparky things with my hands.
It rode like absolute crap. No suspension. Nothing really sealed to block out the noise so it was loud. Heater worked though!
Actually, if they could make a slightly better one, it would be really nice to have just to tool around town in because it gets fantastic gas mileage. Then the Europeans would be happier with us, too.

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