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Will my final grade drop to a c?

Asked by magorm (8points) May 19th, 2017

if i had a 81.4 in the class and got a 71.7 on the final will it drop me to a c? the final is 20% of our grade 79.5 rounds to a b in my class

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Do the math.

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its actually worth 15 percent of my grade

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Looks like you just sneaked by with a little under 80%.

Unless it is in Math, then you deserve a C.

Most Final Exams I am used to are weighted far higher than 15%.

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(81.4 ×.85) + (71.7 × .15) =79.9%
I hope this was not a math course.

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I hope this was not your grades in a math class and that if they were that your prof is not on Fluther.

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