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Do you think that Trump will go for the Affluenza defense if found guilty of obstruction of justice?

Asked by Pandora (32296points) May 19th, 2017

I’ve noticed a theme in the news lately. Many are starting to write off his behavior by saying that he is ignorant of his wrong doing because he has never faced any real consequences in his life for the things he does an say.

I agree that he probably does feel like he can get away with anything because he pretty much gets things his way in his business and probably private life. But hows this an excuse for breaking laws that even a high school graduate could probably figure out.

If his lawyers do try to use this as his defense will it work?
If it does work than couldn’t every criminal who never suffered consequences for breaking laws be let off the hook? I mean, you don’t have to be rich to be sheltered.

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He could, I guess. That’s a shitty defense though.

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And ignorance is no excuse.

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Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

If the impeachment proceeding begins to look bad for him once it reaches the Senate and it looks like there will be a ⅔’s vote to convict, Republican Party senior senators will insist he resign so that a
sitting Republican president won’t face conviction.

If convicted after leaving office, President Pence will pardon him.

Because he can.

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I doubt considerably that he will be charged with anything. In fact, as these incidents accumulate, the call will go out quietly and privately from the Republican leadership for Trump to resign. I no longer think he will be impeached. If the Donald chooses to ignore the requests, the GOP will switch to public demands. And if this fails to do the trick, the GOP will simply dodge the humiliating spectacle of impeachment so favored by Democrats. The Republicans will quickly seek to invoke the provisions of the 25th amendment, whereby Trump can be removed without explanation other than “unfit for office.” The democrats might prefer impeachment, but will sacrifice the shot at rubbing Republican noses in Trump’s insufficiencies simply to be rid of him.

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Tax cuts for the rich. Unless lazy liberals actually show up for the midterms he is a condom filled with ferrets that will sign anything you hand him.

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For anything that he has done since becoming president, Trump will say that being president gives him the right to do anything that he wants. As for what he did during the campaign, he will either dispute the evidence or claim that what he did was no big deal.

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He’s a raging, egomaniacal narcissist, in love with his own image and power. Has nothing to do with affluenza just your usual cock-n-bull bullshit, over inflated ego. The bigger and dumber they are the harder they fall.

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@stanleybmanly They may suggest that he resign but he seem incapable of seeing what is in his best interest. It seems that every time they tell him what not to do, he has to go out right away and do it.
So I can see Ryan asking him to resign and Trump saying no. I’m going to fire you. (Even though he cannot.)

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^^That’s why I say this won’t happen until the eleventh hour—if and when it gets to where Senior Senators know they have a ⅔ vote in the Senate to convict, they will go to Trump and cut a deal: Resign, save the Party and get a presidential pardon, or go down and bring the Party with you and, in that case, be the first sitting president to do jail time.

It’s right out of the Watergate/Nixon playbook—another president who was unable to accept that he was about to face conviction. .Nixon saw the AG get sold down the river for the Party’s sake and took the deal, then disappeared into quiet ignonomy with his wife in his luxury home in San Clemente, CA—complete with Secret Service, a clean record, and a no-show sinecure gig at a NYC law firm that allowed him to save a little face and make a little money to maintain the lifestyle.

But we are so far from that, that it can’t even be seriously considered yet – except by his presidential and personal legal counsels who are, at this very moment, looking for weaknesses in the impeachment process.

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