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How do you experience Fluther as a collective?

Asked by wundayatta (58714points) August 10th, 2008

What makes it a collective as opposed to a group of people sharing space online? Is there some extra camaraderie you have never experienced elsewhere? How does Fluther compare to other social networking sites you’ve been on? What does collectivity mean to you, and how far does Fluther go to meeting your sense of collectivity?

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Smartest group of people I’ve ever had the opportunity to “talk” to.

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Well, all of the questions and answers are saved in the database for others to be helped by. They are “collected,” thus the “collective”.

Also, people on here are all here for the same type of thing; to ask, to answer, and to talk with people who are interested in the same things as them. We are a collective of people who want to help or be helped, rather than the usual mess of people who would be on a site for many different reasons.

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I’d say there is a bit of a social aspect as well. There are flutherites with whom I share side comments with. And the myfluther feature allows me to see what certain flutherites are up to, and what they are commenting on that day.

Other than that, I have learned a lot and laughed a lot because of fluther.

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I can’t give you a detailed answer since I just signed up for this site. But I would say that the best Q&A site I’ve ever been on was something called WHquestion. It was shut down, years ago now, and I’ve been looking for a site that can replace (or at least come close to replacing) it and so far, this one seems like a pretty good site.

For me, for a site like this to be considered good, it has to have more intellectual types than just people looking to screw around on the internet. People who are truly interested in what they ask and in turn, people who are truly interested in answering questions.

Not only that, but the layout and general design of the site matters, too. It has to be appealing and have good features that are going to draw people in. When people create sites, you can tell if they’re truly interested in the purpose based on how much time is put into creating it. Anyway… That’s all I can say for now and I’m eager to explore the site a little more, so I’m off! :)

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There are groups of GBLT’s who operate in gangs with cooperation of the moderators to stifle conversation and remove comments so that threads read like a one sided conversation.

In non prime hours you may find sincere folks and teriffic conversations. My experience is that the more “points” one has, the higher the chance that individual belongs to the aforementioned group.

Be cautious, and ask questions about your kitty and where to scratch it and avoid any relevant or meaningful dialogue. Just my 2 cents, I could be wrong.

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Sorry, allengreen, but what is GBLT in this context? If it’s the same as in other contexts, then I can see why folks might be angry about it.

I shall have to take my lumps, then, if I’m not politically correct enough for this place.

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Ignore allen…he’s grumpy.

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Allengreen, you are still jerky, and you are wrong.
Meaningful dialogue is very interesting to most people on the site. However, if you act like allengreen, i.e. here or here, then yes, the collective will hate you, but do it seriously and non-jerkily, and everyone will be responding in seconds, and not in a negative way.

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Genuine discourse need not be politically correct, but it should be thoughtful and open-minded. ps: I’m not GBLT, either :)

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dal——you are not what I am talking about

and yes aug, I am grumpy when my posts get removed, but other’s are not removed

and fly—thanks for your comments, sincerely

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@allen: I didn’t get the chance to read your post before it was removed, so I can’t really say whether it was justified or not. Why not PM me the comment you made, then I’ll let you know what my take on it was?

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@allen; Just here to help. =)

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Hmmmm. I hope…. oh, never mind.

I guess it sounds like some people feel a sense of collectivity, and others don’t. Although to cast aspersions about the sexuality of some cabal of moderators does not seem to me to help anyone’s cause, whether true or not. It seems irrelevant. Unless, I suppose, they are only removing heterosexual answerers. Even then, you can’t say for sure it’s due to prejudice.

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@daloon: I’ve never had a post removed, and most others have not either. I’d say the people here are a pretty good mix of types (sexual orientation and idealogies as well as many other subsets). Stick around, and judge for yourself :)

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I love my fluther-homies!

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Wouldn’t a group of people sharing a space online with a shared purpose qualify as a collective? It would qualify as a group, but not necessarily a team….

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I feel as though there are a lot of intelligent people on this site…but at times, I feel like people go waaaay over the top to get little “lurve” points, and for some reason, that irritates me. Aside from that, I enjoy this site…it is somewhat addictive.

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A collective operates on a communal level. Each member has something to ‘bring to the table’, whether good, bad or indifferent. Differences are acceptable but anyone that poses a threat to the cohesion of the collective must have reasonable grounds for doing so, or risk being turfed. A joint effort to uphold the fundamental principles and standards of the group is an expected and accepted practice.

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Wow very first question I’ve read and tAlk about a hijack LOL

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