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Anyone else have grocery stores where people bag your groceries then load them into your car?

Asked by Aster (19994points) May 20th, 2017

I’ve heard recently that “bag boys” don’t exist anymore. I beg to differ. I never have to bag my groceries or push a cart to my car and unload it. And they don’t accept tips.
Anyone else have “bag boys” at their local grocery store?

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We have two different stores that still bag and load into your car.

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All of our big grocey stores in CA do that for you. Ralph’s, Stater Bros, Vons, and Alberson’s.

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Yes. I don’t need them but I know they could use the tips, so while I walk next to them as they push the cart, I pump them for info like what they think of things. I try not to be too aggressive, but I’m sure they think I’m one eccentric sonuvabitch. LOL. But I pay well. It’s about the only chance I get to talk to high school kids and I’m curious as to what they think about the world. They really don’t seem to mind and one has a helluva sense of humor. He just makes outrageous shit up for the old man and we laugh. Good kids. I think they suspect I’m a retired teacher.

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Those things never existed here.
A ludicrous concept.

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@ragingloli what do you mean “a ludicrous concept?” Loading up cars with over $100 worth of groceries for a senior ?

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@ragingloli. When I was young I was a bagger. I helped many elderly and handicapped people to their cars and unloaded the bags into their cars. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to shop. Also pregnant women, and parents with multiple kids to watch. I loved that part of my job.

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They’re still around here. We shop at Aldi, I like their setup much better.

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The stores will bag your groceries (if you buy or bring a bag). The bag boys/girls will often ask if you need help carrying the bags to the car, but more often than not, they simply stuff the bags in the shopping cart you used to gather the groceries.

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Yep, as @Kardamom said, in CA. all the major and not so major grocery stores offer bagging and assistance to your car. I do the same thing as @Espiritus_Corvus , though tipping is not protocol here, but I always joke about getting them out of the store and make small talk and joke around and I often have baggers ask me to come through their line again. haha

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Yup. Publix still does. They bag your groceries, and offer to take bags to your car, you can say no to them walking you to your car. Most people say no most of the time from what I have observed. I say yes when I know I parked far from the cart return thingy.

Also, every military commissary I go to still bags and takes your groceries out to your car.

At the commissary it’s customary to tip the people. At Publix you aren’t supposed to.

Most other stores I go to they bag groceries, but don’t walk them out to the car.

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At the big chain stores here in Chicago they usually ask if you need help taking groceries out (at the stores with parking lots). But I rarely see anyone accepting the offer.

At the suburban store near my mother’s home, they have the old-school bag boys, and they are making constant trips out.

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Not by me.

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@janbb But, you still have full serve gas pumps right?

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I find that funny.

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Jesus. I haven’t seen a full service gas pump in thirty years, at least. Must be them thar onions ya’ll have up they-ah. I hear them onions is mighty powerful.

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We have a few full service gas stations around here (NY/CT). I go out of my way to go to them. I’ll try to do other stuff in the area to justify going out of my way.

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I think if a gas station had full service here they would make a killing. Remember I live in a 55+ community. I’m sure a lot of these people would like to not get in and out of the car. Maybe I’m wrong. I see longer lines at drive throughs other places than here, because I guess maybe working people are actually the ones who want things done faster and with more convenience? I’m not sure.

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Oh the good old days of full service. There are no full service stations anywhere anymore as far a I know, in CA. Oregon still has them. Having your gas pumped, change returned to your hand, your windshield washed.

What a luxury!

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Why only “bag boys” ?

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@imrainmaker Okay, you’re right, bag people. lol

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Our local IGA still does both of those things. Every other place we shop still has bag boys/girls but they don’t take the bags to your car. Geez even Walmart bags up your stuff.

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I was a bagboy for a couple years,albeit 20 years ago…
I even changed tires for people. Probably changed about 15–20 in my time there.

We still have them where I live.

Paper or plastic ma’am?...

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Most of the stores here do. With the exception of Winco. But that is a big warehouse place and you have to bag your own. Which is fine with me since they are dirt cheap. I have never been offered to help get the groceries to my car or anything. But my mom does.

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They always ask if I need help, but it’s optional. The workers are not allowed to take tips.

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No, not since I was a kid.

Does anyone else remember that in the ‘50s 7-Eleven provided curb service?

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Yes. The Market Basket near me has kids that bag and will help bring them to your car, if you’d like — and they don’t accept tips.

They still offer paper or plastic, but encourage you to bring reusable bags. They also offer cardboard boxes if you’d like.

There’s only one true full service gas station that I know of, in Lexington, MA. Pumps gas, checks oil and air pressure, washes windows, and will replace your wiper blades if needed — but he charges almost $2.00/gallon more than everyone else. The times I’ve driven by, he was certainly busy, so some folks seem willing to pay for the service.

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Wegmans here has “Helping Hands”. If you ask they will do it for you.

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The Safeway and King Sooper still provide that service. It’s readily available during busy times, and during slower times it’s: “would you like some help with your bags?”

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No. When I lived in Indiana, they had bag boys and actually helped load them in your car. I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere else. I’ve always had to bag my own.

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In some cities supermarkets send your groceries to the drive through area once you check out, and you get your car, drive up to the covered area, and the store employee loads your groceries. It’s great in very snowy places where standing out in the cold and bad weather loading the groceries from your cart to your trunk is fairly unpleasant.

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Walmart is now offering to do your shopping for you, just provide a list, drive up and they will bring it out to your car.

Safeway and several others will even bring it to your house!

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Yeah right. In whose universe?

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^ Um, well clearly quite a few based on the answers above.

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The stores here still do it. I never let the guy go with me to my car. Sometimes I have to be firm with them to make them stop walking with me to the car.

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STOP trying to help me dammit!! Goddamn kids, so freakin’ nice all the time.

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Yep! It’s the store policy… may be nice but they are instructed to do it. @cookieman

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