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What makes you mad in your every day life?

Asked by jca (36046points) May 20th, 2017

I’m not referring to politics or social justice issues or things you hear on the news.

I’m referring to things that occur in your household, or at work, or in your neighborhood. Whether your anger is justified or not, whether or not it’s a “first world problem, just anything at all. Your kids don’t put their dirty clothes in the hamper, your neighbor flicks his cigarette butts on your lawn, whatever it is, do tell.

I don’t get mad at much. The one thing that pisses me off is at work when someone parks in my parking spot. I get mad because there is a big sign outside the lot that says the lot is for employees only, violators will be towed away. It’s assigned spots so it’s not like I can park in another spot, and street parking is not plentiful and it is expensive. People don’t read the sign and park in the employees’ lot. It doesn’t occur too often, because the majority of the time my car is already in the spot but if I come in to work late or I leave mid-day for something and then return, there may be a car in my spot. I call this spa that’s next door and ask them if they have a customer in the lot, and sometimes they ask the customer and the customer says no. Then I tell them that I’m calling the cop (cop in our building) and he’s going to tow them away. Then the person visiting the spa who owns the car (the customer who previously said their car was not in the lot) comes down and moves it and apologizes and I yell at them.

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I’m always mad when the spa doesn’t have enough parking spots for its customers. ~

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I’m usually not prone to getting mad often, but..when I am under stress my fuse is short ( er ), than normal. Minor mishaps annoy the hell out of me. Like the other night when the fridge was full and I couldn’t find a space for a bottle of wine. Having to re-arrange everything and a bag of chopped veggies fell out and scattered all over the floor.

I had some pretty salty language over that annoying moment. I think it was along the lines of ” Oh, fucking hell!” haha
I also do not, repeat, do not like being hot and sweaty and anytime I work up a sweat, involuntarily, or because of something I am doing I get very irritated. Like struggling to unload groceries on a 90 degree day or having to do chores in the heat. Grrrr!

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Oh, and barking dogs! I hate barking dogs, there is one yapping now in the distance. Especially at night when lying in bed I think to myself, Die, bad dog, die! lol

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Washing the mother fucking cheese-grater. It is like little nubs of cheese get stuck in the nooks even if you soak the fucking thing for a day. I scrub the shit out of it and rinse. Then I go to stick it in the rack and notice a little bit of cheese lodged in there and I want to shoot myself in the face.

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People yakking and texting on cell phones—drivers, shoppers kids, pedestrians—all oblivious to how annoying they are, and in the case of drivers and pedestrians, how much if a danger they are to themselves and to others.

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People phoning me before I wake up. I hated listening to the commercials in the store tv , and the hum of the frezzers. I also hate doing inventory.

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The penalty for leaving litter in Nature’s beauty spots should be death.

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That Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz are not all regular bridge partners at Leavenworth Penitentiary….

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colleagues starting to sing, out of tune, and with garbled lyrics.
colleagues snickering to some retarded youtube video they are watching.
colleagues listening to their retarded music and it bleeding through their headphones.
postal delivery ringing the door to leave packages for neighbours. happens at least twice every day.

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Slow people in the fast lane. It is usually really hard to make me angry but I can seriously road rage on that.

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@ragingloli – you haven’t punished them all yet??

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Good reminder about that, @imrainmaker. When there’s nowhere else to go and you’re stuck behind a slow person in the left lane, and they’re either clueless or stubborn, it’s totally maddening. Maybe I’ll do a separate question on what annoys you with drivers. That could be a book LOL.

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People who bathe in perfume, fragrance, etc, so much so that I can smell them from 6 feet away. Sometimes when I am in a checkout line I have to move to another one, pushing my way through before I have an asthma attack.

Almost equally annoying is when I need to say, “I’m sorry, but the fragrance you’re wearing is bothering me. Please don’t stand so close to me.”

Then they say, “But I’m only wearing deodorant,” or “But I just took a bath!”

What can I say, but, “Exactly! Now if you don’t mind…?”

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Myself mostly.

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Updates that make things worse, and bad overly-simple UI. I turned on my previous smart phone and was amazed at home much better the old UI was. My current phone UI has “upgraded” to a nearly-useless UI for wifi connection. It only shows whether it is enabled or not, not whether it’s connected to anything. The only way to see a list of available wifi networks is to disable wifi and reenable wifi (losing any working connection) and then pray that it offers a list to pick from (because sometimes it doesn’t).

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I’m going to come back to this, but the first thing that popped into my head is the telemarketers who still call every day ecen though we are on the do not call list.

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Today, obnoxious people throwing frisbee and nerf balls at the pool.

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People who wear giant backpacks or purses who smack them into you, because they are oblivious. Then when you quietly say, “excuse me” to alert them to your presence, after they’ve already hit you, they scowl at you.

These are usually the same people that put their grocery cart across the entire aisle, so that neither you or anyone else can get through.

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Oh that reminds me…people who won’t get the hell out of the way in big box stores, especially walmart. I hate shopping at f’ing walmart.

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I get mad when I hear from a family member something derogatory another family
member has said about our family! You do not mess with my husband or sons.
When you do momma bear comes ready to attack with her claws out!

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Note taken….

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@Kardamom haha…funny because my daughter was JUST talking about this when she was in Italy last week She said she has never been bumped, elbowed, pushed and shoved around so much in her life. The people were super aggressive. lol

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@johnpowell Hilarious and you are right, washng the cheese grater can be a grating experience.

@RedDeerGuy1 I used to tell friends and family why I turned off my phone at night.
Said myreasoning was that If you are dead at 2 a.m. you will be just as dead at 7a.m. I don’t need to be woken up to find out you’re dead, let me sleep, I’ll find out soon

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@Coloma – That’s why they are good in soccer a.k.a. football I guess..)

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This occurred to me yesterday, when a friend called. I am sure she’s calling for something specific, and she left me a voicemail that said “Hi ___, can you please call me when you get a chance?” I find it very annoying that she didn’t say what she was calling in reference to. I’m sure it’s not just to chat, so why not leave the question or issue on the voicemail. I feel like it’s a manipulative tactic to get me to call instead of emailing. She knows I prefer to text or email since I’m almost always busy. When people call at work, I like it when they leave why they’re calling on the voicemail too. Just give me a little hint of what you want, please.

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This morning when the bottom of my skirt fell in the toilet. %$#@*&!!! haha

@jca I feel the same and…I hate when people leave no voicemail at all but then will call you like 3 times in a row and then hang up. WTF…if I don’t answer quit trying to force me to answer. maybe I can’t or maybe I don’t WANT to answer in the moment!

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Just driving down the Interstate can drive me nuts. If I get in the fast lane, I have speed demons driving up my ass doing 15 – 20 miles over the limit, if I get in the middle lane, I get behind some Farmer Brown poking along at 40, I can’t win. Oh well, such is life.

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