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Are you as grateful as the GOP to have the President out of the country?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24123points) May 22nd, 2017 from iPhone

There is an illusion of remission. It’s like sitting in the eye of a typhoon.

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It was nice to have a day without shock and outrage at some shit he said.

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I am a believer in Karma and the divine balance of all things.

So if it is quiet on the Trump from NOW and for the next few days, it just means that it will be that much worse when he gets back.

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I was until I saw him plotting with the Saudi King and the Palantir.

I will say I was amazed at his obeisance to his Lord the King Salman.

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@zenvelo They just made anumber of “great” business deals.

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^^^^^Great for Ivanka and the Saudis. That would make a great name for a cartoon rock and rolll band, better than Josie and the Pussycats.

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Where shall I look for my daily outrage high? I’m missing the excruciating drama. Now all I see is Trump looking awkward in situations he knows nothing about and Trump being (easily) duped into symbolic gestures that he doesn’t get: sword dance, bowing to receive a medal (just dangle a little gold and he bends over), group-hugging a luminous basketball.

Foreign leaders should be embarrassed to take such easy advantage of a fool’s ignorance; but I guess Trump’s vanity makes him an almost irresistible target.

What does bother me is the extent to which any one representative of a nation is routinely generalized to the whole nation. It might be unfair, but it’s not unreasonable. Obama conducted himself with dignity and grace on the world’s stage, and it reflected well on the rest of us. Now we look collectively like a bunch of boorish idiots.

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Never mind. I got it anyway. In Israel, Trump said on the record, in front of reporters, and while standing next to Netanyahu: “I never mentioned Israel in that meeting.”

When my sister was about six and I was eleven, she said to me: “I’m not going to tell you that I spilled the ink on your desk.” There was a blue-black blot as big as an adult hand on the wallpaper behind my desk.

That’s about how old you have to be to think a denial like that is going to protect you from consequences.

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Last night, for the first time in a loooooong time, I slept soundly for 9 hours. No waking up startled for no apparent reason….no bathroom, then can’t-go-back-to-sleep visits, no nightmares about an orange, 50-foot bullshitter setting fire to the neighborhood…..

Coincidence ??......You tell me…...

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Actually, Obama made a deal with Iran and was NOT well received in the Middle East because of this. The King of Saudi Arabia refused to even meet Obama. And Obama was a real traitor to Israel in his final days in office.

Trump is doing very well in the Middle East. Pay attention to what is REALLY happening

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@Yellowdog The Saudi Royal family doesn’t represent the entire Middle East and doesn’t even represent Saudi Arabia as it is not a democracy. President Obama made a deal with a democratic country which recently held elections and the deal should be respected as its terms are being upheld. It’s a deal I respect more than Trump’s unholy hundred billion dollar military hardware deal with the Saudis. If you want a dose of reality you should look at how the House of Saudi uses these weapons.

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I consider Saudi Arabia and Iran equally bad.

I trust the needs of Israel over Trump.

And, Flutherother— I’d like to apologize to you personally if I, in any way, came across as politicizing the terrorist threat in your country. I really have misgivings about the future of Europe with Islamisation. I fear that British Columbia, Canada is the only bastion of all things British—and I will leave it to you Brits to cope with the problem in your own way. I am an Anglophile to the point that some believe I AM English—and grieve at the recent bombing in Manchester,

It is the highest hallmark of humanity to let refugees into your land and help those less fortunate and give them a better life. But the flip side is, there will be some really bad regimes riding on their shoulders from time to time. I guess it is worth it for those you can and do help, but not at the cost of your own children and heritage.

Ya know, I’m willing to shut up about all this Trump, Terrorist, and Russia thing—I guess those who are true victims will find their own perceptions and solutions.

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@Yellowdog You didn’t come across that way at all and so no apology is necessary. We can at least agree that events in Manchester are a terrible tragedy.

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