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What is your treasure trove of stuff?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19442points) May 22nd, 2017

I have a big pile of books. They are my treasure.

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:::Soft Daddy klaxon:::

My “treasure” is the ton of photos of my kids taken throughout their lives to date.
Great memories stay in your head but it’s nice to add imagery to enhance those special moments in time.

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I have all kinds of treasures:
Baby teeth from both sons
Cook books (I have over 250)
Glass vases, goblets and bowls (all hand blown $7 to $550)
Paintings, pictures and wall hangings (over a hundred not all on the walls)

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Silver teaspoons. My mother started me collecting them many years ago.

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In my buffet is my treasure trove of kid’s school works over the years, and many things they made in school for me. A fired clay stirring spoon holder sits on my stove. Impressed into it with a different color clay is “I ♥ U.” My daughter made it in 4th grade.
Pictures. Thousands of pictures.
Framed paintings hanging that my mom painted.
Other ceramic works by my son.
A letter written to me by my son and his friend when I was debating on whether or not to kill them.
A formal letter written to me by my 8 year old granddaughter graciously thanking me for allowing her to spend the night. She said it was an “honor,” LOL!

My treasures are my children and grandchildren

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I have all my notes and papers ever written in college. That shit cost me a nice house in Nebraska. Might as well hold onto it.

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I have a lot of stuff. What do I treasure? Oil paintings my mom did for myself and my daughter. Art my daughter did at school and elsewhere. Things my best friend made for me (she is an excellent seamstress). All kinds of books, mine and my daughter’s. Knick knacks I’ve been collecting since I was very little, and some from when my mom was little. Photos from the days of film and negatives.

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Things I actually treasure, photographs of people I love. Letters from those I love and have loved, including letters from my dad. I don’t really care much about anything else. ‘Stuff’ can be replaced. Those photos and letters are irreplaceable.

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I’m not much of a collector and I don’t care very much about things, so it’s hard to think of any item as a treasure. I love my family photos, they are probably my most “valuable” possession. I just glanced up and realized that I gave almost the same reply as @Earthbound_Misfit)

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A few personal letters, some photographs of friends and family, recordings of my kids when they were very young. My daughters dance medals and a few special books I have gathered over the years. And my diaries which go back 50 years.

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My only treasure is…..the memory of a stick. That’s right, a stick.

We were dirt-poor when I was a kid, so every Christmas my father would….say….steal a roasted chicken from the supermarket and give it to us as a pet, Or smack the big bully-kid next door around and tell us “That’s your present this year….Merry Christmas…, go to bed…..”

Anyway, when I was 14 my dad broke off two gnarly branches from the tree out back, and lovingly wrapped them for my brother and me. I named mine “Stickie” (My brother’s stick’s name is lost to the ages).

Stickie and I were inseparable. He even went into the army with me, and saved my life more than once during a year of combat duty in Vietnam.

And if you were wondering, Stickie is no longer with us. ‘Why’ isn’t important. Too painful a story to tell anyway. Let’s just say that old cliche’ advice is true:

Don’t play with matches…...

Thank you for listening.

The End.

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Several paintings/drawings I love, my teak wood temple gong and my carved, wooden, naked headhunter statue. haha
I’m not a photo person, as in having them framed all over the house.
I have one photo on my entertainment center of my daughter when she was about 4 playing in the snow. It is an artistic B&W photo I took that is the perfect image of her delightful child self.

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4 canoes (3 outrigger and one inflatable). One can not have too many canoes.
Also a big pile of high tech paddles.

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@Earthbound_Misfit Scan those letters and pictures. That way if, God forbid, you lose the originals in some disaster you still have a copy.

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