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How Do I Put a message on a GE Answering Machine?

Asked by redsgirl4eva (262points) August 10th, 2008

just got my machine and never did a massage before

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Your answering machine gives you massages?

In all seriousness, do you see a Greeting button? And if not…didn’t it come with a manual?

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nope it don’t i don’t think how can I find out?
Sorry, new to this kind of stuff never had a answering machine.

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You might want to check the box again. I’d be very surprised if it didn’t come with any sort of instructions. If not, can you post the model number?

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The Serial Number is 40350563

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I can’t do much with the serial number.. do you see a model number?

Try looking here and see if you recognize any of them as being your model.

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Try this button.

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Thank You so much Igot a message on my machine now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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