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Who should have been Baby in the 2017 version of Dirty Dancing?

Asked by JLeslie (61539points) May 25th, 2017 from iPhone

Did you see it? I was pretty disappointed.

Breslin was hard to watch in her role. If the lead role doesn’t make sense then it’s hard to get the thing off the ground.

Scherzinger was hard to watch too. She wasn’t relaxed dancing, she wasn’t very good.

Go ahead and tell me what actress would have been better in the lead, and feel free to recast other parts too.

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There should NEVER have been a remake of Dirty Dancing. I watched 10 minutes of it and only because I was in the middle of something and couldn’t bother with finding the remote. None of the characters did justice to their parts. From mom and dad to the Robbie character, the snotty kid going to Harvard. Baby was horrible as was Patrick Swazy’s counterpart.
Not all movies should be remade. Most should not.

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As I understand it, Casey Anthony wasn’t very busy.

And it would’ve being a little risky (but hilarious) if ‘Baby’ was played by, say…Nathan Lane….

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Danny DeVito.

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Yeah, I didn’t care for it either. I really didn’t like the Patrick Swazy character roll either. Actually most of the Characters. I watched about 45 minutes and then shut if off. I did like the personality of Baby. I felt she was more true to character.
Cody Christian for Swazye Character, Johnny.
Joey King as baby. She is 17 and looks like a baby. Or Natalia Dryer Who looks a little bit like she could be Jennifers Grey (original Baby) daughter.
Jennine Mason from, So you think you can dance could’ve also played the role of the female instructor.
Hell they could’ve picked several people from previous cast members of So You think you can dance. Many were young and they could dance circles around these people.

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Donald Trump!

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Miley Cyrus

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Riley Reid.

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Melissa McCarthy

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