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Is the"generation gap" between Baby Boomers and their children is as great as the one between Boomers and their parents?

Asked by tabbycat (1811points) August 10th, 2008
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I can only speak for me. I had a huge gap between my parents and the 23 other folks who tried to raise me at some time or another.

My kids and I get along fine…after the matured, I try and treat them with the same respect I would any good friend….

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Hard for me to answer, since in theory I’m one of the first GenXers (40 years old), but in reality, more like a mix of that and a boomer. My kids sure think the gap between us is huge, but I, of course, disagree :)

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I think the gap between Boomers and Gen Xers is greater.

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Boomers and their parents is greater, in my opinion.
‘Cause I think the kids got all rebellious and everything in the 60s/70s with the whole big drug/music scene. But that’s just what is seems like to me. My parents were baby boomers and we’re extremely close.. the only gap there really is the whole technology thing, I think.

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I’m a boomer and my kids are Gen Xers.
I think that my kids and I are way more in sync than I was with my parents. Even something as simple yet culturally significant as music is so strange top me. I never respected my parents music tastes. I was from a generation that went by “Rebellion” as it’s middle name. My children on the other hand, know music from MY era better than I do! They want to listen to stories about my life and the life lessons I have learned and have even learned from some of MY mistakes.
It has taken me nearly 50 years to begin to really appreciate my parents. I really feel blessed to have children from a generation where it is OK to love and respect your parents.

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I think the gap is even greater between Gen Xers & Nexters (I love being a Nexter!)

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Nexter sounds much better than “Y” :-)

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Boomers and their parents. The changes in technology during that time were so momentously changing to the culture. I think Boomers and their children share a more common experience.

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