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Hippies, Travellers, Freaks, Punks, Peace Tramps, New Agers -- can you still be what you were then, now that you're older?

Asked by Yellowdog (12183points) May 26th, 2017

One thing I really admire about Hillary Clinton is that although she is about 20 something years older than me, she still has the ‘something’ of the dream many liberals and counter-culture people had in the late 1960s and early ‘70s—even though 45–50 years have passed. And its still relevant to young people today.

Bernie’s even older and even more relevant to millennials— now, I never said I share their political views— I just admire how the vision they have has been around over all this time.

Peter, Paul and Mary—and some of the Folk movement, still somehow remain who they are. But most gave way to NPR type classicism.

There have been many counter-culture trends from the l950s through the 1990s where young people had a vision for a better world. But those movements were usually associated with youth and young people. Now that you’re between 40 and 70 something, can you still associate with the vision and the movement in ways that are relevant? Can you still have the look and lifestyle in middle age?

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Sure, I’m one of the older hippie types that loved the idealism of the 60’s and 70’s but now that I am older I happily pass the torch. It’s all about my inner peace now, can’t save the world, and I’m happy with the contributions I’ve made over the years. I still wear hippie skirts and dresses and live in a creative alternative situation, my own little reality these days and few outsiders are allowed in. Just the way I like it. haha

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Thanks— I sometimes see Hippie types in Natural Food stores and coffee places who are in their fifties to about 70 — some are library types. Some of the ‘younger end’ of the older movements—the ravers of the ‘80s and ‘90s are still in their element and raising their children—y’know, creative and artistic types.

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Please define “NPR Classicsm”. It sounds like an excuse for people who don;t appreciate knowledge and education.

Yes, many of us have the ideals we had in the late sixties/early seventies. Feed the hungry, comfort the afflicted, clothe the naked, care for the incarcerated, say no to war. It is called being a follower.

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Yes. I’ve added and developed my views, but I still sympathize and resonate with the old vibes, and the new vibes that are akin to them. I don’t look down on my younger views. If I have any difficulty returning to them, it’s only about the decrease in energy as an older person, and the increase in my commitments and interests in other areas. I still think the idealists are mostly right, and the resigned and cynical and pro-establishment people tend to be righteous and problematic, and that corporations and their corrupt politicians, and the apathy of self-interested “normal” culture are empty follies which are leading to decay and destruction and will probably implode horribly sooner or later.

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I dress a little differently and I go to bed earlier. I don’t have the energy for “active” activism, but I participate in different ways.

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True values are not a function of age.

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My world view formed when I was in my late teens and hasn’t changed much. I was never a “hippy” but I sympathised with their ideals. I have become more realistic with the passing of time and do not believe the world can change as easily as I once hoped. I am sure it will change but I now fear the change as much as hope for it.

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I do not know how to put it any better than @ragingloli True values are not a function of age.

My values developed in the 50’s and 60’s, and somewhat in the early 70’s. My activism, for the most part, consisted of volunteering in programs that provided a direct and tangible positive effect to the community. I literally immersed myself in community almost from the day I was discharged from the Navy until 1978, when I just as intensely immersed myself in the creative process of music. As a “folk” singer, I don’t think I was ever a one-genre type I sang the protest songs, not only because they were popular, but because they resonated with me. When I fell in love with my best friend, I didn’t let “society” tell me that a white guy couldn’t marry a black woman in Texas in 1988…even when the mouthpiece of that “society” was a close and dear family member!

After we moved to Colorado, I became politically active because again. I felt the best way to make a difference is one-on-one conversation.

Now that the kids are mostly grown, I find myself teaching music to young people, and I’m in a position to encourage them to pursue their dreams and ideals, whether they resemble mine or not.

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Yes. Very much so. The look? You gotta be fuckin’ kiddin’ me.

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Having come of age in the 60’s, I can recognize it as a special time in history. People believed that they could make a difference. The level of idealism was not sustainable, but a lot of us still believe that the world can be made safer and friendlier.

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No way, I put down the bong years ago. Now it’s a vape.

But I still wear sandals much later into the autumn and earlier in spring than most folks.

Actually I think it is more easy to be politically energized today. The issues are really stark today and modern social media spreads information like mad, there is no one true story any more.

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Someone asked what I meant by “NPR Classicism”.

The kind of people who identify with National Public Radio, the BBC, Public television. Less into the Rave scene but more into libraries, academia, literature and the fine arts or classic art, literature and music.

For instance, Woodstock and The Beatles now have less to do with today’s Rave scene but more like high art or [osh history of an era..

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