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When was the last time you drove a vehicle that had three on the tree?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (16550points) May 28th, 2017

Do you even know what three on the tree is?
If you do can you say what year it was, and what year the vehicle was.

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Yes, we know what “three on the tree” is. It’s a pretentious way of referring to a three-speed manual transmission with the gearshift lever mounted on the steering column. And no, I’ve never driven one. Just four-on-the-floor for me.

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1972 Dodge Coronet

When I was about 12 years old Dad let me drive it on our street.

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I never drove one, but I rode in one once that I can remember. The sister of a friend of mine was driving, and I was a young teen. The car was old even then, but I don’t know what year it was.

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I drove a pickup with three on the tree about 30 or 35 years ago. I don’t remember whose it was. Not mine.

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It was a work van back in 1985. I am guessing it was about 10 years old.

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My friend’s mom’s station wagon in 1971. I think it was a Pontiac.

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A 1964 Ford F-100 about 1992.

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A 1960 Corvette convertible – over 25 years ago. It was not a pleasure to drive.

- One down, 4 up. Kawasaki. All 5 up Kawasaki.500 – Last summer

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1970’s monte carlo I test drove and almost bought for my first car as a 16 year old kid. It was as awkward as you can imagine.

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Early 70s 63 chevy 6 cylinder sedan. Simple, rugged, sensible, reliable. I remember it fondly.

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‘69 Firebird. My first car back in 1976.

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I’ve got six on the floor in my Mini roadster.

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I don’t remember the last time but, I took “Driver’s Ed” in a Ford Falcon that was a 1963 with a three speed.

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My ‘56 Pontiac. What a car!!

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It has been 39 years, 1978, since I drove one.

In the late 70’s a roommate had a ‘62 Ford Falcon with absolutely zero added accessories. It had beenhis grandma’s grocery shopping car. No radio, no floor mats, no carpet.

The 3 on a tree was a great transmission in that car.

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Oh Lord, have I got a question for you, @filmfann!

I’m pretty sure I’ve driven every thing that’s out there. I didn’t get my first automatic until 1998. I prefer standard.
I’ll have to go see what makes and models in the 70’s and 80’s had 3 on the tree to tell you if I’ve driven one. I think up is park, middle would be drive, and down would be reverse, correct? It’s kind of what my hands are telling me as a memory. (I’m sitting here shifting in my seat. Glad no one can see me.)

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I think it doesn’t really stand out in my mind because pretty much ALL automatics were 3 on the tree before the 80’s weren’t they? My dad bought a 75 Oldsmobile new. Pretty sure it was 3 on the tree.

The OLDEST vehicle I’ve driven was a 40’s something Chevy pick up. It had push out windshields. It was cool. It was at a party. It was dark. Guy said he didn’t think I could drive it. I knew him well enough that I was pretty sure he wasn’t going to attack me. It was just a challange. So we went driving out in the country. I did a three point turn to get turned around.

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No, @Dutchess_III, I was driving 4 on the floor sticks in the 70s. The only sticks on the steering columns that anybody I knew drove were on station wagons (and one large Impala sedan). The others were all on the floor.

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OK. Well, I know I have. It just isn’t memorable enough for me to remember it. I’ll ask Rick.

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They also came on most passenger vans, and cargo type vans, plus a bunch of half ton pick ups.
The last one I drove was a 78 dodge van, the last one I rode in was a late 70’s GMC pick up.
Kinda neat seeing people remember them, I wonder if anyone under the age of 25 would even know what it was?

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I learned to drive on a such vehicle….pickup truck. I haven’t driven three-on-the-column in 30 or so years. I have never owned an automatic trans vehicle though. I won’t give up the clutch.

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Probably not @SQUEEKY2. They don’t know about a LOT of things!

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@Dutchess_III This statement “I think it doesn’t really stand out in my mind because pretty much ALL automatics were 3 on the tree before the 80’s weren’t they? My dad bought a 75 Oldsmobile new. Pretty sure it was 3 on the tree. makes no sense.

We aren’t talking about automatic transmissions, but a manual stick shift with the 3 forward gear shifter on the steering column.

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OK. Well, then now I have to think. All I ever drove was a a standard until 1998. Learned how to drive in a standard. Again, if I did drive 3 on a tree, it doesn’t stand out.

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