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How do the police manage to take such awful mugshots?

Asked by Lightlyseared (33025points) May 30th, 2017 from iPhone

Look at Tiger Woods’ mug shot today. Surely they could have taken a better pic.

Feel free to share other great examples.

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Mugshot of Britney Spears is as worse.

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People who get arrested are rarely in the best shape of their life at the time of their mugshot, and police photographers don’t go out of their way to pretty them up.

Oops, just noticed the tags.

That’s just how people look after being the target of police brutality. Given the color of his skin, Tiger should feel lucky that it won’t also be his obituary photo. ~

Confession: I’m not actually sure if that’s more of a joke answer than my original one.

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There was a politician once (if I can find his mugshot, I’ll link it), who was having his mug shot photographed. He was given the advice to smile and try to look as good as possible because many, many people would be viewing the photo.

I’m sure when Tiger and others are photographed, they’re feeling bad physically, emotionally, mentally and trying to look good is not high on their priority list.

I feel very bad for Tiger. I’m sure he’s feeling he’s at the bottom of the bottom right now. It could be worse, but for him, coming from where he was, it’s not a good spot to be in.

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@jca Are you thinking of Tom Delay?

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Yes, @SavoirFaire. Thank you for saving me the time to google it. :)

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My favorite is Nick Nolte
Maybe it’s the way people really look in real life.

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It’s what happens when you get an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications. It happens all the time.

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The answer: practice, practice, practice.

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If you go down on the woods today…

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Because they are single digit IQ thugs who are barely able to find the sole button on their special needs camera, and that is with the three big glowing red arrows pointing at it.

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Really, the lighting is always bad. Plus, they aren’t retouched, and people who have just been arrested don’t get a chance to wash their face or comb their hair.

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@jca. I thought you were talking about Rick Perry:

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@zenvelo read the tags :)

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Maybe him too, @filmfann. Maybe all politicians receive that great advice. Smile for the camera because the world will be looking.

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You should see the one of Glen Campbell. Country singers seem to get busted a lot, however. Maybe that explains why thy do so many songs about jail and prisons.

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Who wants tp pretty up for a cop snap?
If you look awful enough, then people could question the identity, and wonder if maybe the story is a lie.
Or, maybe the picture is taken after they have been in holding long enough for the other prisoners to have held them down and had a party.

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The person having his or her picture taken isn’t at their best, and surely in no mood for nice photographs.

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I wasn’t ready!...My hair’s a mess!...I didn’t hear them say “smile”!...what did you say was in that drink?...OOH, my eyes! That Pho-King light is bright!...

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