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Is this happening in your case also(Details inside)?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) May 30th, 2017

On mobile version image showing besides alert messages and other images are not appearing. This is happening intermittently. Are you experiencing this issue on your mobile?

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I saw that a few hours ago. But while I was writing a response, I hit the Answer! buttons and the screen refreshed and it was back to normal.

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I’m getting it on my desktop. OS X and all browsers.

Also on my laptop. Ubuntu 14.04

Also on my phone. Android 4.* and also a iphone 6. Also on a Fire Tablet 8.

Assets from cloudfront aren’t loading such as:

Actually, it appears that images from cloudfront are loading.

Here is the odd part. If I use a VPN (leaseweb) it works as expected. But my ISP at home (Comcast) does not work.

Here is what I am seeing..

imrainmaker's avatar isn’t that bad for me. Only images beside informative messages aren’t showing. Rest is fine. I haven’t checked desktop mode yet.

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I have a MAC using Firefox; sometimes images load slowly.

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I’m on a HP laptop using Chrome. It’s showing as described. The background is white.

Just as a test, strong, emphasis, whisper!

Edit: when I hit the “Answer!” button it came back to normal.

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Some images (Fluther logo) on desktop aren’t loading again.

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9:18 AM, 6/3/17. All seems to be OK for now.

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Fluther logo still will not load. 11:45 PM EDT

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