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Should Germany stop making decent cars so that Americans stop buying them?

Asked by Lightlyseared (33633points) May 31st, 2017 from iPhone

Trump keeps complaining that Germany is exporting more cars to the US than it imports from the US. Should Germany start making crap cars so Americans don’t want them?

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Haha..that’s funny. I don’t know how successful businessman like him can think that way.

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Maybe your car makers should start making good cars that people actually want to buy.

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Yeah, let’s just lower the standards of everything so the idiots can catch up. That’ll improve mankind for sure.

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And it is not like Germany only has German and colonial cars as possible alternatives.
One could also have Skodas, Seats, Fiats, Renaults, Citroens, Opels, Dacias, Alfa Romeos, Lancias, Volvos, and so on.
All of them better choices than yours.

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Funny thing is that BMW’s are also manufactured in South Carolina and exports many of the cars. So, it’s a money maker and job provider for the US.
Goes to show you how little this dummy knows. He runs his mouth before looking into anything.
South Carolina isn’t a big money maker either. So no doubt this plant helps their economy a lot.

Not to mention the people who buy them often come from a lot of money. Bet he owns a few.

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It’s Trump’s way of telling the American public what they should buy. So much for smaller government.

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Germany has not made decent cars in over two decades.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me – who makes “decent” cars?

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I think he owns a couple of the 800 series BMW’s. Two were seen headed South, on I-95 right after the inauguration. I’d estimate the speed in the convoy in excess of 90. The Donald’s boys need a car in Mar-A-Lago. Yes, they had Washington DC plates.

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Utterly ass-backwards. Why don’t American car makers make better cars?

Most of what Germany sells (in terms of cars) is based on reputation from 10–20 years ago. Is an Audi or a BMW in 2017 the same quality as one from the 2000 time frame? VWs sure aren’t.

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Was he standing in Michigan when he said it? I went to school in Michigan in the late 80’s. I drove right into campus in my Nissan Stanza. best car my family had ever had, and I bought it used from a friend. Our American cars had had all sorts of problems over the years. The British car had been one of the worst.

Having that Nissan was like a personal affront to Michiganders. They really had no idea why I would buy a Japanese car. I mean seriously clueless. What was more shocking was the ivory tower at the auto manufacturers, they have money, travel, they know other states are riddled with foreign cars driving the streets, and they just still didn’t get it.

Now, the American cars are much much better than they used to be. German cars have still never been as good as the ratings as Japanese cars, although I will say I never had a problem with my VW, but I have with my Porsche. Altjough, VW had that mpg scandal, remember that?

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That’s absurd! Just like everyone else, Americans have the right to buy whatever product they want that is of sound quality. Trump doesn’t care if American auto manufacturers make crap cars, because he doesn’t buy them. So if the American cars are so disposable, why would he care? Trump is a puppet of the Republican party, and Republicans only care about the rich.

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I really feel sorry for anyone who has a newer VW. Back in the day they were good vehicles, now they are garbage. I have had 20 years of trouble free driving out of four different Nissans. I still have two of them and the other two I traded in were still in perfect working order.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me interesting. The last Nissan I had spent more time having its bits serviced than being driven. In particular the brakes had an amusing tendency to catastrophically fail at the most inopportune moments.

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I drive a 1991 Nissan pick-up that my father bought new. It has over 300,000 miles on it, and still runs strong. The A/C works good too, and has never been serviced! No rips in the seat.
Origato, Nissan-sama!

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I can see any high-end model being like that. Why regular model Nissans are so reliable is they build the same shit year after year after year. A frontier from 2015 is the same as one from 2005 with a few bugs worked out.

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True, high models need a bit more servicing than regular models. The break system needing a rebuild 2 or 3 times a month ain’t really acceptable servicing. Any how most surveys of car makers reliability put Nissan below Alfa and I can’t say I’m surprised.

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My 350z has been flawless. I’d be pissed with needing that much service. Nissan had a major engineering screwup with the 6cyl engine they used in frontiers, pathfinders and xterras. If caught early it was a cheap fix but it claimed quite a few vehicles. The so called strawberry milkshake of death or “smod” really did a number on their reliability ratings and reputation in general. That’s all been worked out though. Again, they don’t change much except for bug fixes about every 10–15 years. Once a new style comes out it’s best to wait five years or so.

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Who makes better cars? Laugh if you want, but take a look at India’s car maker – MAHINDRA and you will see a worthy competitor in the making!

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