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Do you think a Comment you're replying to should be displayed on the SAME page as your Reply box?

Asked by MarshallO (583points) August 10th, 2008

I’m enjoying Fluther, but I have one constructive comment to make:

Whenever you reply to someone’s Comment, it doesn’t display the Comment you’re replying to on the same page as your Reply (as it does on other, similar websites)—making it hard to respond to specific comments made by the sender!

The only way that this can be done at present is by going back and forth between the sender’s Comment and your Reply by using your browser arrows!

I think it would be a great idea to change the Fluther interface so that the Comment you’re replying to is on the same page as your Reply box for easy reference!

What do YOU think?

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I like the idea. Use the “Send feedback” button and send the idea straight to the creators!

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I’ve run into the same difficulty.

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It kinda makes sense, but really not an issue as far as I’m concerned. Fluther is primarily for the questions and answers (which are neatly organized in threads). Leaving the odd private/public comment on someone’s profile is what it is.

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Copy/paste a segment in order to give the recipient a clue. If you get really chummy with someone, swap email addresses.

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Yes, that would be an improvement.

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WHAT “Send Feedback” button? I don’t see any!

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I prefer the way fluther is right now. I feel that it should be for questions and answers, and the structure that it is right now, lends itself to people answering the question, and not chatting with each other. I think that the wall comments feature and the chatroom are more than adequate for chatting.

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@Marshallo – this is where you send feature suggestion feedback (to answer your “what button” Q. It’s basically the “Contact” link in the options on the top of the screen. You can also leave feedback in the chat room listed in the same link, but I find leaving actual feedback there to be more effective.

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I would like that change. I have been known to open two windows so I could see both for complex or lengthy exchanges.

Good question!

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