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What's that Italian or Greek pastry that is really flaky and has icing on it?

Asked by jdogg (871points) August 10th, 2008 from iPhone


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I’m guessing baklava.

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baklava yes thank

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Baklava doesn’t really have icing, though, does it? More like a honey glaze type of thing. Either way, yummy!

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Too sweet for my taste.

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And too sticky. After eating it, one sticks to everything and leaves a trail for the ants to discover. Puff pastry is used for croissants and is similar but can have a sugar glaze, dried fruit, chocolate bits, etc

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I once made baklava and was so overly enthusiastic with the honey syrup that it made my guests teeth stick together!

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But their dentists must have loved you.

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Actually, the guests themselves loved me. They polished off the entire pan and spent the rest of the night sucking on their teeth. It was pretty awful.

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Thanks for the double laugh.

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It’s Greek babe, just so you know. :-)

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Frick.. I’m too late answering this one. I’m part Greek and baklava is definitely one of the tastiest desserts ever. Home made is the best kind, by the way.

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I SO agree with you Allie! The only homemade kind I’ve had was Egyptian, but it turns out it’s all reaaaaaaaaaaaaallly gooooooooood.

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thanks everyone for your answers!

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