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When looking through your Comments, how do you know which ones you've already replied to?

Asked by MarshallO (583points) August 10th, 2008

I see no indication on any of the Comments in my list as to which ones I’ve already replied to! I’d hate to look like an “idiot” and reply to the same Comment twice!

I think that there should be some sort of feature to mark those Comments which have already been replied to. If it exists, I sure don’t see it!

IS there such a feature? If not, I think that one should be added!

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i’ve never had that problem, i get around..3 comments per 2 weeks, so i wouldn’t worry about it (only ryan should)

why would we ever need that feature really ? the only comments we send out are thanks etc.

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If I understand this right, then you’re saying that you’re checking your account activity (“Activity for you”); When you check your activity, Fluther only lists discussions in which you’ve posted a reply in, or ones for which you have clicked on the “Follow this question” button.

When you click on those questions, you will be redirected to that discussion, and there your reply will be, followed by the replies of anyone who posted after you. You can always scroll “up” to see your previous replies in that discussion thread.

If you’re talking about your “Comments for You” in Fluther, you would have to click on the icon of the person who posted a comment for you, and you’ll be re-directed to their comment wall, and you will then need to scroll down their comment list to see what comments you have posted on their “wall” (using the FB lingo).

If I’m not hitting the mark as to your question, please provide more details. Thanks

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@sndfreQ: I was talking about the “Comments to You” section. Your answer is obviously the right one for Fluther, but it would sure be easier if the list of Comments that I had already answered were “flagged” as same, without me having to go through the extra steps you mentioned!

@iwamoto: I’m getting a LOT of comments! Many of my friends are using them as a sort of an Email system with me.

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@Marshall: good point-yes, that would be a good recommendation for future updates; if you feel like it, you can make this suggestion to the admins, just click on the “Contact” link at the top of the page, as they listen to site feature recommendations and work hard to improve the site.

Thanks for bringing it up though-good point.

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@sndfreQ: I think that I’ve ALREADY found a way to not “double-answer” my Comments! I just “delete” those Comments I’ve already answered! I didn’t even see the “delete” at first!

Thanks for your help!

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right on-I forgot you can do that-now off to delete the 1000 or so comments I’ve amassed in my profile (private comments you won’t see but I see them)...thanks!

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Jon; is there anyway to delete the comments wholesale or en masse? I do ten a night but still fall behind.

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@gail: the site admins are working on an enhancement for that…stay tuned.

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Can’t say I have this problem. My comments are few and far between and I either respond straight away or not at all (depending on whether or not it’s a comment warranting a response).

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