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Do you think Kathy Griffin should just have apologized for her stunt and let it go?

Asked by chyna (45772points) June 2nd, 2017

By now, most everyone has heard about the comedian Kathy Griffin posting a picture of her holding a bloody head/mask of Trump. At first she apologized but now seems to be blaming the Trump family for “bullying” her.
I am not a Trump supporter, but I feel, in this case, he really did not bully her. He just said that it really bothered his family, especially his 11 year old son. She is now saying she will do even more Trump jokes.
Do you feel that she is right, that she has free speech and shouldn’t be called out for this, or is she in the wrong and should just shut the hell up?

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No. I’m sick of people apologizing for jokes that didn’t land. Get over it world. Find a better cause, or you know… fuck off.

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Kathy Griffin is a smart woman who knows how to market herself. On the slow fade, she knows that ANY publicity is good. She’s another in that handful of women who’ve managed to claw their way to the top in a brutal ego crushing business. And you can bet that she’s not going to permit us to forget her.

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This is the first i’ve heard of this or her for that matter, but this is my take.
Comedy/satire has no boundaries or limits & no professional comedian should apologise for any material they put out there…EVER
Having said that, these constant, unfunny, easy target digs at Trump are getting old real quick, either be more imaginative & actually funny or don’t bother at all.

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Yes, she should have. She should not have done it in the first place. She sank to their level by doing so. But I kind of have to agree with @ucme‘s comment. She thought it was funny. I thought it was in really poor taste, but free speech.
And @stanleybmanly is spot on too.

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No, I think the USA is crazy, and the photo I saw was funny and appropriate comedy given what we have for a president and a government these days.

Apologizing for it just seems sad at this point, to me.

We have a weird mix of extremely inappropriate public material, absolutely atrocious politicians and journalists, some people who are also sensitive, a society which infantilizes its adults, and too many people and organizations taking advantage of all of the dysfunction. This is all just part of the sick circus, and I think the idea and fact of people getting fired for such parody, and that that should happen, are far worse than the photo itself. As for an 11-year-old seeing it and being upset . . . I don’t really believe it, and I think the issue to worry about for that is how to actually raise children in a world with many disturbing images.

If you become president and act like a world-threatening buffoon who really should be ejected from office, that’s what leads to plenty of public expressions that will potentially upset your children. All Obama had to do was be black to get images of him being lynched posted around the Internet.

No, the answer is not to apologize.

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Why would Trump allow his 11 yo to view it?

Why does a 72 yo have an 11 yo child? Yuck…..

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LOLL!! Well, he wouldn’t have married Melania if she wouldn’t have sex with him, I’m sure! Now THAT is yuck! Poor Melania. But she thought it was worth it.

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@chyna I think she has now become her flaunted image and is now Kathy ISIS Griffin!

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I think KG is crass and unfunny. However, she needs to own her “comedy”. When people apologize I have less respect for them.

And I have doubts that the kid even saw the picture. Where would he have seen it? And does that mean he is allowed to view adult material?

This is a whole lotta distraction hubbub.

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I am appalled by what KG did. I don’t care what Trump did beforehand there is no excuse. I also don’t see this as comedy, huh yeah, because she is a comedian she and the people who want to support her can claim it was a bad comedic choice, but I say bullshit. It’s borderline illegal. It’s actually threat to the president. The only reason people aren’t worried about it is because no one believes KG would actually harm the president. What if it was some tough looking Mexican guy doing what she did? Or, a Muslim guy?

I hear people say what about when people were showing likenesses of Obama swinging in the wind, here was the outcry. There was a fucking outcry. Plenty of people were appalled by that. Plenty of people were frightened by it. Some skinhead shit has a noose around a doll that looks like our black president? That’s probably scary to every black person for themselves, let alone being worried for our president.

It’s wrong no matter what. She should have been arrested! What if someone draws a swastika on my door, or burns a cross on the black guys lawn down the street? Fuck that, I call the cops. I’m being terrorized.

Sorry, what she did was awful. Has Trump done some awful things? A big fat yes. What is this tit for tat? He kicked me so I bit him. Are we in kindergarten? Remember when Cruz went after Melanie, so Trump said something about Cruz’s wife, and when Trump said, “he did it first” the liberals went crazy calling Trump childish? Well, you can’t have it both ways. KG doesn’t get to say he did it first, and neither does anyone else who criticized Trump about that Cruz incident.

I think Trump can be a bully, but in this case, tweeting how horrible KG was to do such a thing. He’s right. I’m not commenting whether I want the president tweeting, and in general I think he needs to stifle more often, but KG was dead wrong in my book.

It’s never ok to threaten someone. If someone held up a “head” of my husband covered in blood I would be a nervous reck. Shit. Think about it.

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^^^ That was so freakin’ well said, I am just going to GA and applaud. There is nothing to add.

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Frankly,. I’d be happy to see her fade from the scene altogether. Never liked her raw “comedy.”

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“Do you feel that she is right, that she has free speech and shouldn’t be called out for this”

Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences. Your right to be an asshole doesn’t protect you from being called an asshole.

Now having said that, I don’t think Kathy Griffith should apologize. she said it, she should stand behind it. And if Trump is really that concerned about his 11 year-old son’s being bothered by this then perhaps he should take a moment to consider all the 11 year-old girls out there who were bothered by his countless vulgar, sexist and misogynistic remarks, by his boasting about sexual assault. Perhaps he should considered all the 11 year-old boys of color out there who were bothered by Ted Nugent’s racial slurs and threats directed at President Obama. Nah, hell, he invited Nugent to the White House for it.

Donald Trump has sewn nothing but hate and incivility. He doesn’t have much room acting hurt when some of that comes back at him.

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Why does everyone dwell on the 11 year old son? Because that’s what Trump mentioned? I don’t need Trump to say anything to condemn what Kathy did. Are we saying because people don’t like Trump’s whining they can dismiss the whole thing. I say again—bullshit.

Try to be a little more objective, think about what she did if she did it to the person you liked. It doesn’t matter if you hate or like the person, that’s not how violence and threats are evaluated. That’s not how criminal law works for a good reason. Unless you can call it self defense, then it becomes acceptable.

I’m not saying she should be convicted of a crime, but she certainly shouldn’t be celebrated or given support for what she did. She should feel bad. Really really bad. It’s reasonable that she feels twisted in knots, and concerned about her career and popularity. That would be a normal reaction.

I don’t think her career is ruined forever, eventually this will fade as a bad judgment call. We all have made bad judgment calls.

Everyone wants more diplomacy and less violence in the world, then they need to be that example themselves.

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Who’s celebrating her?

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^Jim Carey, for one.

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@Darth_Algar Plenty of people are defending her. Plenty of people are being complete hypocrites regarding her actions. Celebrating might be going too far on my part. @chyna mentioned Jim Carey, I wasn’t aware of that, I will agree most people aren’t “celebrating.”

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Defending someone isn’t the same as celebrating them.

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That’s what I said. I corrected myself.

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“When a man gives his opinion, he’s a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she’s a bitch.”

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^I think that if a man was pictured holding Hillary’s bloody, severed head he’d be in more trouble than the KG…..

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Mr. NoMore’s Neighborhood – Can you say: Polarization?

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Why don’t you give it a try and get back to us then @MrGrimm888.

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When Pussyhands literally incited violence against a protester at one of his campaign rallies last year, were these special snowflakes outraged then, too?

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To this day, I can’t understand the point of holding up a trump head for any other reason than stirring up controversy and focusing the unfaithful spotlight of publicity on Kathy Griffin. I mean it certainly isn’t funny, sarcastic or in any way comedic. Has she given any explanation as to the why of this?

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I had read an article, but of course can’t find it now, that it was in retaliation to Trumps comment to Megyn Kelly saying she had blood coming out her eyes and her “where ever”.
Here is where the article on Megyn Kelly.
Although, I think if that’s true, why did she wait 2 years for retaliation?

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