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Can someone answer my tomato plant question?

Asked by nylascotia68 (76points) June 2nd, 2017

Hi, I jumped into gardening and studied a lot and watched many tutorials, and knowing that my family loves tomatoes I went out and purchased 2 varieties of cherry tomatoes. But I didn’t know about the determinite and indeterminate varieties (I got indeterminate), nor did I know you were not supposed to plant two into one container. Yes, I am container gardening. I purchased them as tiny plants about 2 inches high and now they are about 1 foot high each and have flowers. My question is, should I separate them and place them into separate pots, or leave them where they are? I water and fertilize them religiously and I even talk to them. But I am new to gardening and I need the collectives help, please? Thank – You!

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If you separate them now, there’s a chance one or both plants will suffer root damage and/or transplant shock. They seem to be thriving as they are, so I wouldn’t worry about separating them. They’re flowering, so each flower will become a cherry tomato.

Try to save some of the seeds for next generation. Plant three or four pots. Try some herbs. I used to do a lot of container gardening, and still have herbs and other plants in containers.

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It’s not ideal, but leave them as-is. Just be sure to water often and well.

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