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Does your push button ignition car beep when you walk away with the key when it's on?

Asked by JLeslie (61540points) June 3rd, 2017 from iPhone

If you have a push button ignition on your car, does it beep on the inside and outside when you accidentally leave it running and walk away with the key?

Example: sometimes I have the key in my purse and my husband is driving. He drops me off at the door to where we are going, and as I walk away from the car I hear it beep and I am reminded I’m the one with the key. He hears a beep inside too.

Side note: if it doesn’t beep on the outside please be sure you have carbon monoxide detectors in your house if your garage is attached. You should anyway.

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No, only shows “No key detected” on dash.

Have two carbon monoxide detectors in house; one connected to whole system in front hall (AC wired with battery backup) second is stand-alone with seven year battery next to door from garage)

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@Tropical_Willie What kind of car is it?

There are two reasons I care about this. My FIL one time left the car with the key, his wife dropped him at home, and my MIL continued to drive all the way to church, then realizing she no longer had the key. If she had turned off the car she would have been stuck unable to start the car again.

Another reason the outside beep is so important to me is friends of a friend of mine died in their house. The car was left running in the garage. Everything points to them probably assuming they thought the car was off, they probably just forgot to push the button. If it had beeped as they walked away from the car they probably would be alive today.

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I have a Ford product @JLeslie, you can’t lock the doors by pushing the power lock door master with the engine running and the door open. You of course can lock the doors but they need to closed.

You also can’t lock the fob, with the engine off, in the console; it will beep twice and unlock all the doors.

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Yeah, but I’m not talking about locking the doors. I’m asking about walking away from the car with the key while the car is running.

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No sound, dash displays “No Key Detected”!

Nothing else happens.

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Yes, my lil’ Prius beeps at me. It senses the keys walking away, with me, from the still-running engine.

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^^You can hear it outside of the car?

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^^^ Yes. The noise isn’t very loud. It’s more of a subtle reminder than an alarm.

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I have a Durango. It beeps inside when the key fob is taken out of the car while it is running, but I don’t remember ever hearing it beep on the outside. Maybe it would if an extended period of time passed? I don’t know as I’ve never left it running for more than a minute or two once I’ve taken the key fob out. I know I’ve turned it off when I open the door and the radio turns off. If the radio stays on when I open the door to get out, I know it’s still on.

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