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What would you say to your child if they watched Harry Potter and tried to go to platform nine and three-quarters?

Asked by Myusernamenotyours (177points) June 5th, 2017

I was joking with my grandparents who knew nothing about Harry Potter and pretended to run a shopping cart into a brick pillar… They laughed.

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Daddy’s a little high right now.

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“Life is full of tricks and disappointments, honey… go wash your hands and set the table for dinner….”

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^^ LOL. That’ll put the little squirt in her place. That safe place while being groomed to marry well, where there is no magic, but, with permission, she can buy nice things.

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Time to crush all their child hood delusions and tell them how much of what they believe is bullshit.
Oh, and those pictures you drew that everyone told you are really good? They are crap, and you will never be an artist, so do not even try you talentless little shit and we will have a bonfire when we get home.

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LOL all your responses <3

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…....seems a little harsh, ragingloli.

(I’m just sayin’....)

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If my child is 6, there’s not much to be said. If my child is in his or her 40s, well the less said, the better. In fact I’m not at all certain that I would want it known that I might be related to that child.

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Platform 9¾s exits. I’ve been to it. It’s in the King’s Cross station in London.

It’s an opportunity to break out the atlas and show how far away London is, plus explain what it takes to get there. The big consideration though is that visiting the platform is basically worthless if one is a Muggle.

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Basket of GAs ^^^

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@Pied_Pfeffer not completely worthless. There’s a pretty large gift shop there

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@Pied_Pfeffer I could see some parent setting their child up for the biggest disappointment of their life by convincing them to try to run through it like Harry Potter did in the first movie, then telling them they must not be a wizard/witch because they couldn’t break through.

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while sensually tasting the blood from their child’s burst open forehead.

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I would disillusion them of the notion that it was an ordinary platform like any other. It would be an opportunity to educate the child and explain that a magical platform only appears when a train is about to leave.

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