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When you take in a refugee does the government pay you to cover some of the costs?

Asked by JLeslie (61540points) June 5th, 2017 from iPhone

I’m curious about this not only in the country where I live, America, but other countries too.

If the government does pay, how much is it?

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Certainly not in our country; don’t know about others. Here, you would be more likely to get support from NGOs like International Rescue Committee.

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Nope. The government has provided their own shelter for this kind of purpose. You want to keep refugees in your house you pay for yourself. Not to mentioned if the refugee you take in to your house is an illegal immigrant both you and the refugee will get penalty from the government.

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I’m not talking about illegal refugees. They are in hiding from the government obviously.

If the government provides shelter, then how is that different than paying someone to take in refugees? They both cost money. Helping to pay for food and electricity might be cheaper than providing shelter.

Do refugees get money directly from the government then to sustain themselves? Or, everything is provided at the shelters?

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@jca That was a great link. Thanks. I see where it says that they are expected to work, and expected to pay back the cost of getting them to the US. Did it say they are provided shelter and food? I’m still not clear on that. They talked about the refugees being resettled near family when possible.

I have to say that link made me proud of America.

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I believe the difference is in its management. Government has allocated some fund for their own shelter, a fund that they trust their own organization to utilize. If they give plain money and other things to regular people there’s no efficient way to validate and monitor the continuous effort of people who claim to keep refugees. Refugees don’t get money from the shelter, they get food, water, and temporary place to sleep.

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This says the refugees get $1,000 that is supposed to help them through the first three months. I’m not clear if that is per person including children.

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What’s not clear to me is how they’re supposed to work when most jobs want you to be a citizen. Maybe they get dispensation.

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Refugees are aided by a few designated private non-profit resettlement agencies. There have been efforts to let individual families participate. But that would increase administrative costs, making the government vet homes one by one.

US Department of State – The Reception and Placement Program

American Foreign Service Association – How Refugee Resettlement in the United States Actually Works

For an example HIAS is one of the settlement agencies. Originally the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, they go by HIAS and they help people of all nationalities and backgrounds.

HIAS mission and values

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@jca Most places want you to be a citizen? Where? I’ve never encountered that.

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@JLeslie: Or show you have a green card – I should have added.

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@jca They have a work permit.

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I have seen the US rules. However, I live in Southeast Asia so differences should be expected.

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