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American jellies, what is the best brand of cleaner to remove mold and its stains from the grout in a shower/tub?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (36033points) June 6th, 2017

I’m asking American jellies, because I want something readily available in my neighborhood stores.

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Bleach. That’s what I use. I believe vinegar and ammonia also works.

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Tilex is good. It’s in a spray bottle.

Another option is elbow grease with something like Comet or Ajax.

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Tilex for Mold and Mildew is great. Spray it on, go and have a muffin and then come back and wipe off the mold with a sponge.

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I use bleach once a month but for weekly cleaning I use Scrubbing Bubbles.
I don’t have much of a mold issue because I have a squeegee that I use after every shower. It only takes a minute and saves a lot of scrubbing later on.

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All of the above and…I spray my shower with Lysol after every shower and that helps keep all mold and mildew from forming in the 1st place.

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CLR. If it’s deep in the grout, you may want to use a metal brush to scrape the stained layer off. But if you’re too aggressive, you might screw up the grout.

If it is on a flat surface, on the ground with a drain nearby, you can use a good drain unclogging chemical.

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Bleach. Be sure to seal grout with a clear finish afterwards.

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Bleach and products containing bleach will generally remove the stain left by mold. But the mold has not been killed. To kill the mold you must use a mold killer such as Moldex. Home Depot sells a couple of them. Once the mold is dead you can use chlorine bleach to remove the stains. If you cannot completely get rid of the mold, have the grout replaced. If you remove some tile and find mold on the drywall or cement board you need to hang new cement board.

Now that you have gotten rid of it, this is the most important thing. After every shower dry yourself then use your towel to completely dry out your shower. Clean your shower with a cleaner that has bleach in it or just spray it down with peroxide twice a month just for insurance. You will not have a mold problem again. I also clean mine with Scrubbing Bubbles weekly to remove any soap scum and to disinfect.

We all have things we can’t stand. One of mine is mold in the shower. Beware… is not always black; it might be pink, grey, or brown. But it’s all mold and must be destroyed.

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You can get a grout knife (Home Depot or similar store) and cut the grout out and then regrout it, if it’s really bad.

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