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Is cat hair a problem with short haired cats like Siamese?

Asked by Aster (18577points) June 6th, 2017

I hear about hairballs and vomiting, hair stopping up vacuum cleaners, hair on furniture. Is it just as bad a short haired cats?

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They can still have all the same problems with fur. It’s just less fur. Some people who aren’t allergic to cats, will have terrible allergy problems with Siamese cat’s hair….

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Yes. The finer, shorter strands get in even more places than long hair.

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You won’t get a hair ball if you don’t lick your cat.

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If my cat sheds I don’t notice it at all. Maybe it’s because our German Shepherd sheds about 50 pounds of white fur a day at this time of year.

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Yes, short hair cats shed as much as longer hair cats.

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They shed just as much but it’s not as noticeable. I have never had a really long haired cat, so I am not sure about the hairball thing. I have had medium haired and short haired cats. The short haired cats do seem to have less hairballs.

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I had short-hair cats for years, and sure, they shed. Less so than long-hairs, but they do shed. If you have white furniture, you will certainly notice dark Siamese hair, just as you would notice white hairs on dark furniture. Contrast has an effect.

Hairballs were not a common occurrence (but they did happen). I never had an issue with my vacuum cleaner at all.

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My short and fine haired female Siamese sheds 3x as much as my monster, fluffy Ragdoll boy. But…... Shedding season is only once a year in the spring and early summer, if you brush your cats daily it cuts way down on fur in the house during these few months. Neither of my cats have trouble with hairballs but I do brush them almost daily. Yes, never had an issue with a vacuum either. I think dog hair is way more invasive than cat hair personally.

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OMG, that’s an understatement. Dakota, our German Shepherd, sheds enough every day to make a dog hair blanket. It’s unreal. You can pull hair out by the handfuls and it just keeps coming. If my cat sheds at all I certainly don’t notice it.

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@Dutchess_III Yeah. my neighbors rough coated Border Collie is the same. That dog just leaves wads of fur all over the place inspite of being brushed. He really needs a summer clip but since he is old they don’t want to stress him out.

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I heard that shaving dogs is not good for them. Maybe that would be a good question. My poor Kota has such thick fur. She has an undercoat and an outer coat. She LOVES laying in the snow.

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@Dutchess_III I know the vet has my neighbor shave her Husky every summer to keep foxtails from getting embedded in her dense coat and perforating the skin. I shave my monster fluffy cat too, he gets his next week. He feels sooo good afterwards, you can tell he loves not having 5 inches of fur all over him when it’s hot out. His fur is so fluffy that his ruff poofs up under his chin and causes him to sneeze and gets in his mouth and gags him sometimes. haha

I think heavy coated animals benefit when they live in hot summer climates. Now if my cat lived in Siberia he would be fine in the summer. haha

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I think I’ll ask my vet about it. I would love to shave Dakota. She wouldn’t be so pretty but who cares.

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Well, the receptionist asked the groomer who said they’ve never shaved a Shepherd. They “furminate” them to get out the undercoat. I wonder why we can’t just flat out shave her. The receptionist didn’t know.

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This site says says NO!! with a lot of exclamation marks. How annoying. But I don’t understand why things like susceptibility to insect bites and sunburn would be different for a shepherd than any other dog.

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^ I think it’s really personal preference. Obviously shaving down a dog or cat in the summer is not the same thing as shaving them in the winter. I mostly do it because my cat is like a dustmop. He, literally, brings in about 100 leaves, foxtails, weeds, and all sorts of stuff on his coat. I know he feels better after he is shaved. He rolls around and I can just tell he is relieved to not have all that fur on him anymore. Look at all the moppy little dogs like Poodles that are shaved to keep them from turning into a matted mess.

<——Look at my dustmop Myles here…haha

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Here is another who also says “No,” but it was written by a grown up. Now I’m on the hunt for a furminating brush.

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Oh the furminator brushes work great, I use it on my cat too. That will oull out the undercoat well.

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Maybe a separate question would be in order, or an exchange of PMs. You guys have gone waaaay of the cat question.

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Any particular brand of brush you would suggest @Coloma? I mean, they very from $12 to $30.

As she pointed out @canidmajor, a furminating brush would work on a cat too to cut down on cat hair and that goes to the OP’s question.

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Yeah this is social, but it went way off topic.

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The furmination question goes to the OPs question. They make them for short haired cats too, so although it went off the subject of Siamese cats in specific, the things we have learned may be useful to the OP, don’t you think? And we wouldn’t have learned them if we hadn’t gone on a shedding tangent, which is, actually, relative to the OP’s question.

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@canidmajor No, we have not. Discussing shedding is the basis of the Q. and it is in “Social” so there is plenty of wiggle room allowed but thanks for your unsolicited opinion. Of course you are welcome to flag the question if you so desire. Discussing various methds to cut down on shedding is purr-fectly on topic.

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Now I’m going to look for the fulminating brush on Amazon. I have cats.

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@jca Furminator…it is awesome! :-)

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High fives @Coloma for going off topic with me and finding a solution that way! You can get a Furminator for cats. That will take car of all your hair worries, though honestly, I’ve never had a cat that shedded so much it was even noticeable.

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^ I literally sweep my cat out on the patio with a straw broom, he loves it. LOL
Yes, free association is a good thing, you never know what might turn up when people just let things flow. :-)

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