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What is your favourite restaurant in nearby area?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) June 6th, 2017

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Tommy Romas and Montana’s steak house.

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Bahama breeze, or chipotle (fast foodish)

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Really, “as asked” is too vague. Define “nearby area”.

In my town? Postino

In Oakland/ Berkeley? Dona Tomas

In San Francisco? Either Greens or Konkani Estiatorio

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^^ By nearby i meant you don’t have to plan ahead too much I.e. within half an hour or so you should be able to reach the destination.

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My favorite: a place called “Grubs”.

What I go to most frequently: Freebirds

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I can’t say a favorite, but there are a few I think are either really good, or that I go to often.

Square1Burgers. Small Florida chain. I think they have the best burgers I’ve ever had. The place is pricey for a burger joint though. We usually wait for a coupon to go to this place. I love the food, and the decor of the place.

TooJays. Another Florida chain. Great deli, matzoh ball soup, salads, they even have a shepherds pie I like, and my favorite cake of all time.

Flippers. Another Florida chain! Pizza joint, but what I love here is the antipasto salad, cut up a stromboli in it. Sometimes I get it to go, ask for double dressing, add a lot more lettuce myself, and it’s a meal for two. I often get a medium pizza with it also, which is too much food, but then I have it for later.

Chinese take out. There is a Chinese takeout 1.5 miles from me, next to my closest supermarket. You can eat there, but the place isn’t very pleasant to eat in. Sometimes I put in my order, do my grocery shopping, and then pick up my Chinese food.

Texas Roadhouse. A national chain. Because my husband loves their steaks.

A local Japanese restaurant. One of my favorite Japanese restaurants of all time. It’s lovely inside, the service is always great, and the food is very good.

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I really can’t decide

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A local Greek restaurant. Family owned, everything made from scratch—gyros, tzatziki, hummus, pita, everything!

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I live in a port town and there are many seafood restaurant all over the place but most will only operate at night as people start to going out at that time. My most favourite place called “Marina”, it’s a seafood restaurant located just right beside (and above) the sea, you can smell the sea underneath you, see the panoramic ocean view (most beautiful during the twilight), and feel like you’re actually dining on wooden boat. All the food are freshly caught from the sea and taste as authentic as you can imagine. However, it’s one of the most pricy restaurant where I live so I can’t eat there very often, when our family go there to eat it’s most likely for big celebration.

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My home. I cook and I invite other cooks to join me. We have feasts.

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I’ll restrict this to my city.

This is my go-to place for any special occasion:

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Green Apple China Bistro, vE Station (vegan Thai), Corky’s, Mel’s Diner, and Lido pizza,

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Au Lac vegan Vietnamese food.

Blaze Pizza

Happy Family vegetarian Chinese Food.

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I think my wife mentioned that she’d like to try Happy Family. I’m going to send their link to her.

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@Brian1946 My best friend and I love this place!

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El Magues in town.

Rusty Barrell in Ponca City.

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