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Is the @ key listing the usernames of the answerers in the answer box?

Asked by flo (12913points) June 8th, 2017

For anyone who is brand new to Fluther, you use the @ key if you’re trying to repond to someone in the thread.

For the regulars, as asked

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I will try it with your name, @flo .

No list came up. Now that there is a response, someone else can try this to see if a list comes up.

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@tedibear Would you try it on a desktop computer? Because it’s fine when I’m using a mobile
Also do you see a mobile tab if you’re on the desktop version on your mobile?

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@flo – That is on my desktop. I just now tried this on my phone. I did not get an @ list when in Mobile or Desktop. Yes, both choices were available.

I wonder what’s up with this?

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The same bug that is preventing people from asking questions is also preventing the @ key from bringing up usernames. Another typical symptom of the bug is that no preview appears when typing out an answer.

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That’s interesting. I’ve always been able to see the @username list and the preview just fine, yet I can’t ask a question… Should the “answer glitches” and “question glitch” be happening together? (I don’t really know how bug symptoms work in coding…)

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I’m using a desktop.

I get the list of thread participants when I press the @ key.

I also get the Live Preview pane.

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Okay, this is weird. Now I do get the user list. Same computer, same browser.

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@Soubresaut I’ve been experiencing the two bugs together, but they don’t go together in all cases. Unfortunately, I don’t know nearly enough about coding to do much more than keep a log of the symptoms.

@tedibear The bug seems to go in and out. My own experience is that it will affect me for a little while be gone for a little while, and then come back. Sometimes “a little while” is a matter of hours, other times it’s a matter of days or even a week.

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And how about trying to login? Do you all find in the last week or so, it gives you the login page ( ) instead of staying in the homepage?

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