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Why is it that when working women are featured, the fact that they are a wife and mother of X number of children is almost always mentioned, but not the men?

Asked by Dutchess_III (40229points) June 9th, 2017

Watching Untold Stories of the ER. There was a female ER doctor, and the point that she is also a wife and the mother of 3 small children was made.

I never hear commentators say, “This ER doctor is a husband and the father of 3 small children.”

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Because even in the 21st century, a woman’s worth is only measured in her connection to a man and her ability to breed.

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Would it not be an attempt at making her sound more impressive?
Men may take care of the children, but a woman had to carry them, birth them, and recover physically. Probably while working during most of the pregnancy period. I’ve said before, carrying a child to term is one of the most impressive things that a person can do.

Being an ER doctor is hard. This woman has done that, and had 3 kids. That’s not easy.

Men do get their children mentioned. Just not as much…

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I have no idea if such thing only prevalent in certain channel or country. Where I live, whenever I watch celebrity news they always mentioned whether or not a particular celebrity they’re talking about is single, have any kid, amount of personal assets, etc regardless of gender. This makes sense since people want to know all there is to know about their celebrities, not to mention that if news said certain male celebrity is currently single and hasn’t had a child yet you’ll find there are many girls who will go crazy, have excessive daydream, and salivating while thinking about their favoured celebrity lol.

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Well, @MrGrimm888, it is what it is. Carrying a baby, then recovering, doesn’t take the whole rest of her life! About a year.

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It’s still impressive to me… Worthy of mention…

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Because even though there are more progressive men today, there are still more wives who take on most of the physical care of their children after they finish work and take care of the household.
It’s not to say there aren’t men who share these duties, but the women probably still out number the men in this.
I’ll give an example. When my husband is dressed very sharply, the compliments still come my way. If my husband is wearing clothing that doesn’t match, he is quickly asked why I let him wear that. It comes from both the men and the women. We still live in a very sexist world where women are expected to care for the husband, children an home and also bring home the bacon. If a man does it. He is either the greatest thing on the planet. So loving and strong. A great father and husband. But when a woman does it, it is just expected.

Either way, it is condescending to both. Men are seen as lazy and entitled and un-evolved and women as the family work horse.

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Because it’s assumed that the mother is doing more work at home than the father, so she gets credit for juggling everything.

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