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What has curiosity led you to do that you wouldn't have done for any other reason?

Asked by Jeruba (46700points) June 11th, 2017

You just had to scratch the itch. You had to know the answer, or find out what it was like, or see it for yourself. What?

And was there any risk involved?

Tags as I wrote them: curiosity, interest, knowledge, research, experimentation, cats.

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I have taken apart, drilled out, cut open, or otherwise destroyed all too many things out of curiosity.
The progression goes something like this:
I wonder how they made it do that.
If I drill out these rivets, I can open the cover and look insid…SPROIG!!! Oh… Now I get it. Better buy another one.

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“Hey let’s all go to Moundsville State Prison for a ghost hunt! It’s one of the worst prisons ever! It’s closed now, but it’ll be fun.”

I did not know it was going to be overnight, no lights at all and no supervision. We were left to explore the entire prison for 8 hours with only our flashlights. It was very scary.

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I got my first tattoo mostly out of curiosity. I wanted to know what it felt like, and I wanted to see how people (read: my mother) would react.

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While on a hotel inspection business trip, I ventured down to the Main Street of a wee petite town in Kentucky for something to eat that wasn’t fast food. There was a B&B with a sign that said it had a restaurant. The food was fabulous, and I thanked the man at the host stand on the way out.

He said that he was the owner, and we started chatting. He gave me a tour of the B&B, while explaining all of the work that had been put into it. I thanked him for his time and was about to leave when he offered a tour of his new purchase across the street. It was another house, and he said that it used to be a part of The Underground Railroad. Thought of risk never entered my mind. This was too good to pass up.

So we crossed the street and entered through a side door which led into the kitchen. The electricity wasn’t on, thus explaining why he brought a flashlight. He led me down a short flight of stairs into a small, musty room with no windows. This was where some southern US slaves stayed while making their way to freedom. What a sad, yet amazing experience.

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Bungee jumping, it was a blast .

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I took apart my broken Atari as a kid. No user serviceable parts. I sawed open the chip and didn’t learn anything.

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From the time I could read, I was in love with the pirate life of the Caribbean. Treasure Island, later pouring over old charts of the islands and pirate listings in the encyclopedia, hours spent reading old National Geographics during detention in the library. Then we moved to Florida and things got serious. I got my first daysailer as a teen. I found small, uninhabited islands in the bays and mouths of rivers after school. I camped and fished on those islands on the weekends, like a sailor marooned back in the day.

As I got older, the boats got bigger. By December, 2012 I had a 42 footer under me and had spent the last few years using all my vacation time doing short hops along the Gulf coast. Thirty mile overnighters, became week-long voyages, then trips to Key West, New Orleans, Galveston and back. I’d long ago left my childhood pirate fantasies behind.

On 17 December, or so, I offered to give a lovely British lady a ride to her yoga clinic across the water on the Yucatan. I was in a bit of an existential crisis, I was looking at retirement in the eye, I’d just broken up with an amazing woman. Over the past three years, I’d sold off my townhouse and moved onto the boat, got rid of a lifetime of flopsam jetsam, stipped my life to the bone. Plans had not yet been finalized.

When we arrived at her place in Celestun, Mexico the newspaper headlines, an inch high in Spanish, in the vending boxes on the dock, announced that some kid had gone nuts and shot his mother and twenty first and second graders at a school in Connecticut. Fuck. Not again. It gnawed at me for two days while I stayed with this gorgeous and wise Brit.

While heading back to Key West, about 200 miles out in the Gulf, the afternoon sun baking my back and the water and wind taking me home, I had a moment. I didn’t want to go back. I was 59 and this urge that it was now or never hit me hard. It felt like my personal constellation of guiding stars had suddenly lined up. I had already had one heart attack, how much time do I really have left? I began thinking about those pirates. Those magical islands were only a week or two away to the south. I was experiencing an actual physical reaction, a bit of shaking, a rush of blood, slight dizziness. I was actually struggling with my thoughts.

Fuck it, I’m doing this. I pointed her bow to the Yucatan Strait, that channel packed with strong currents between Cuba and the Yucatan—the gateway to the Caribean. The boat lurched under me as the sails suddenly caught the wind with a pop after making my turn. I was on my way. It felt like it was the first time of something, like sex, or like when you turn the engine over on your first car. I didn’t give a shit if I died doing this, it was better than being found in my lounge chair with a remote in my hand with ESPN on the TV.

I bounced off the islands for two years. I finely found the one I liked best. I still do a lot of distance sailing. But I’ve never sailed her back to US waters. Been there, done that.

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As a toddler I went towards a snake out of curiosity in the backyard. Don’t know if it was poisonous or not. Someone saw me doing it and pulled away when couple feets away. Don’t think I will do that ever now..)

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What a great story, @Espiritus_Corvus. Outstanding. Every answer is interesting, but yours is exceptional. Not for the first time, I hope you’re writing a book.

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It was curiosity as much as anything that led to my first visit to China. I had read a little about the country and I wanted to see it for myself. That first visit led to others and I met as nice a lady as you can imagine in the Chinese city of Chongqing.

And so I have spent six of the last twelve months in China and I have seen and experienced many wonderful things. Our relationship is also still going very well.

So often we are aware of the walls that bound our lives and don’t even notice the doors.

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@Espiritus_Corvus – You’re awesome! You followed your childhood dream so passionately! Hats off to you man..)

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Wear the wife’s undies…literally scratched that itch

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@Espiritus_Corvus. I want to video you with my drone in “follow me” mode and my metal detector stowed in my knapsack.

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