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What's it like for you when you meet someone who's like your dark side?

Asked by Jeruba (49774points) June 12th, 2017

Sooner or later we’re probably going to meet someone who has our own worst traits, only more so. They’re everything we dislike about ourselves, but magnified: more judgmental, lazier, more impulsive, more arrogant, more talkative, whatever.

It’s like seeing ourselves in a mirror that exaggerates our faults. Or even just one of them, but a big one.

When you meet someone like that, how does it affect you? Do you want to fix them, or outdo them, or fix yourself, or just run away? Or something else?

Tags as I wrote them: faults, shortcomings, self-knowledge, self-improvement, evil twin.

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You mean like ragingloli?

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The only personalities I don’t like are not mirrors of my darker side but those that express traits I do not manifest at all as they are not part of my personality style.
I loathe passive aggressive behavior, bossiness, pushiness, and manipulative behaviors, guilt tripping, being indirect, playing mind games etc. These traits do not mirror my darker side in the least. I dislike them for the very reason that none of them are attractive nor functional traits to have.

My darker side manifests when extremely stressed or depressed as being irritable unmotivated and self indulgent. None of which effect anyone I know except myself.
It is often said that which we dislike the most in others are areas we, ourselves need to work on and that holds true for many that are not self aware but in my case I strongly disagree. Being a very self aware type I dislike the traits I mentioned in others because they are the antithesis of how I show up not disavowed and denied traits from within.

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NOBODY is as dark as my “dark side”. And I’m not too proud of my lighter side either.

So I try not to judge, and just live each day thankful that there aren’t more “me’s” walking around everywhere…..

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I think I am the darker side. If I met someone who had what I could call my possible bright side, that person would probably annoy the shit out of me and then I would remember why I am who I am.

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@janbb Hahaha you’re in fine form today Penguin.

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I’ll be impressed that someone could make the most out of my darker traits. It will also be a revelation of what would have happened to me had I kept developing those trait. If we both possess the same mind-my-own-business trait then no damage would be done regardless of how much we resemble each others in term of dark traits.

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My dark side is completely self obsessed and prone to towering rages. I have met individuals like that and my inclination is to wheel their pram out of earshot.

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Oy. You’re talking the Prince of Darkness here. I would hate them. I hate that side of me. I would run like my hair was on fire. I’ve never met anyone that bad, thank god.

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I haven’t met anyone like that yet, but I think one of the reason I piss people off is because I am the mirror of what they don’t like about themselves or what they don’t want to admit in themselves. I have a tendency to unleash my dark side when people mess with me long enough to let them know I’m not putting up with their shit. And sometimes I become their mirror without knowing it. Some people find it hard to look at themselves for who they are.

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It’s always good to meet a kindred spirit. The proverbial cosmic twin.
In my case, there are not that many.
It’s affirming.
Plus, they usually recognize me. Makes the introduction easier.

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@janbb did you check out loli’s penguin/dye job death match clip. I love the flattering deep baritone voice assigned the villain. And villainous penguins takes me back to those tv Batman days.

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