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Men do you use the access on your underware to pee ? NSFW?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17945points) June 12th, 2017

When peeling in an urinal. Also what do you call the pouch “hole” where you can pee without dropping your pants? I’ve never used it.

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Never. What a pain in the ass that is. That’s what the elastic band is for. Just pull the front down and pee. That includes boxers.

I just aslked four guys in the room. None of them have used the front access since about the age of 7.

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So we can save money and effort by eliminating that part of mens clothing design. Fruit of the loom give me a cut of the savings.

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Never use it in tightie whities, but I do on boxers.

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Nope. I’ve had sex through the hole before. But can’t remember peeing out of it…

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As to tighty-whiteys, or form-fit boxers, I think it’s mostly about holding the package in place nowadays. If you’e active, you can get hurt wearing regular boxers. I think the cross-seams in front might help to hold things in place. When I’m sailing, which sometimes requires fast moves over lines and straddling, I wear form-fit boxers. And I been told women like them, so that never hurts.

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Here’s the discussion on this topic.

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I pull down the front of my drawers and pee. The access is useless. I always get pee on the front of my pants when I use that contraption.

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Almost never. It’s usually much less fuss to just pull the front down unless wearing annoying clothes over. Aren’t those portals really to allow boners somewhere to go?

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I always guessed that opening was for impromptu puppet shows.

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No. I go over the top.
I am not really sure why that opening is there.
Seems like a lot of effort to thread it through the opening when all you have to do is hang it over the top.
Just sayin.

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I use it all the time. Never had a name for it.

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I do if my shirt is tucked in. But that is rare.

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Rarely but not never.
Most of the time over the top or, on occasion, pull the leg hole to the side .
The kilt or sarong is easiest because underwear is rarely an issue.

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No. I don’t use the fly at all. I pull a leg hole to the side. That seems to aim things naturally with little chance of shooting over the top.

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I don’t wear undercrackers & unbutton my flies to take the entire troop out when pissing.

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@LuckyGuy “That seems to aim things naturally…” ??? You don’t aim it manually???

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@kritiper Oh, I always maintain control of my weapon. But I prefer to have the null position be where I naturally want it to aim rather than be spring loaded to the up position.

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I can’t remember ever using that fly hole pouch either, much to awkward. I too just go over the front from the top of the elastic.

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In boxers, sure do.

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