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Are IDE and EIDE hard drives the same thing?

Asked by MissAnthrope (21501points) August 10th, 2008

I’m trying to buy an enclosure for a drive I have and realizing I don’t know much about hard drives. I’ve determined I have an EIDE drive and I like one enclosure in particular, but it says IDE. Are they compatible?

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EIDE ? i’ve never heard about that one, there’s PATA (that’s IDE) with all the little pins and there SATA with the small flat connection, you could check, but i’m pretty pretty sure you have an IDE drive, so yeah, they’re compatible

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From the WD website: “Interface: 40-pin EIDE”

But I also see on the diagram there “40-pin IDE connector”. I just wanted to double-check before I bought. Thanks. :)

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EIDE / PATA is the later standard. I think it supports larger drives than the original IDE standard did. Any enclosure manufactured nowadays is going to be EIDE.

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Integrated Drive Electronics vs. Extended Integrated Drive Electronics. These days, basically the same thing. Don’t worry about it, just plug it in. An EIDE drive should downshift for an older connection.

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Thanks to the three of you for the explanation. I was wicked confused.

I ordered the enclosure and am all geeked out… it’s so pretty!

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Ha… I was just about to come correct in this thread. Rob nailed it though. GOOD GOING

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