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What is the correct term for a collection of a**-kissers?

Asked by rojo (24179points) June 13th, 2017

Trump convened a cabinet meeting in order to have his own praises sung. What is the correct term for this?

Is it a bevy of asskissers? A brown-nose of asskissers? Or is the correct term actually a Cabinet of AssKissers?

What are your thoughts or suggestions.

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a butt-load of ass-kissers

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Obama did it. Hillary Billary. The Dems gona git yer guns. Drink the RepubliCON kool aide. You’ll feel better in the morning.

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I saw that. I threw up a little in my mouth.

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The Cabinet.

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‘Ass-kissi’, I’m pretty sure….

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Conservative tool bags? Sorry couldn’t resist

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A grovel of asskissers?

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That’s good, @flutherother. It’s a very aptly coined term of venery.

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I like that @NerdyKeith, a Toolbag of AssKissers!

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Is it the mod appreciation society? ;-}

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An obsequy of arse-lickers.

Alas and a lackey of ass-lickers.

An affrontery of arse-lickers.

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A lick of ass-kissers?

An embouchure of arse-kissers

An osculation of ass-kissers

A peck of arse- kissers

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A lickspittle of arse-lickers

A genuflection of arse-lickers

A palate of arse-lickers

A ring of arse-lickers

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I am still leaning toward a shitpile of asslickers.

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OK, kids….put down your pencils…..time to vote.

I’ll go with “A genuflection of arse-lickers”

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It’s hard to go past @Jeruba‘s inadvertently suggestive and seemingly seamless segue complimenting @flutherother for a “very aptly coined term of venery” and the ipse dixit concomitant : a veneer of arse-lickers.

However, if I had to get down on my knees and select a risible answer :

It Had To Be You (1936) – Ruth Etting

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