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Is it inappropriate to wear swim trunks downtown?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19456points) June 13th, 2017

Someone told me that it isn’t appropriate. What do you think? It’s summer.

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I don’t know about swim trunks, back in the day I’d run around in my jeans and shirtless at times, but I don’t think I’d have gone down town like that. Never had a problem in the country or suburbia, other than some up tight convenience stores who wouldn’t let you in the store that way. I’d have to ask my girlfriend to go in and pay for the gas, or sodas, or whatever we were getting. But if you’ve ever been exposed to this incredible summer heat in Central Tx. you’d understand.

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Not in Hawaii, but we have very lax standards of dress. I see women in bikinis in very unlikely places. There are men in swim trunks or shorts that look like them all over the place.

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Interestingly enough, the column “Social Q’s” that I mention sometimes (FB column) just had a similar question this weekend. The discussion turned to our opinions of women vs. men wearing bathing suits to various places (casual places like Starbucks, etc.) and how it varies also depending on how close it it to a pool. Also, how some hotels want you to wear a cover up in the lobby.

This is what they wrote:

My boyfriend and I are sitting in Starbucks. We’re near the front and I have full view of who’s coming in and out.
Currently in line are a mother and daughter. The daughter is perhaps 12, and she’s wearing a bikini. The town pool is just behind the Starbucks
Now, I’m no pearl-clutcher, but come on, put on a T-shirt or something. This isn’t your patio.

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If you also have a shirt on, I see no problem with it. Most businesses have a no shirt, no shoes, no entry policy.

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Board shorts are fine, Speedos not so much.

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^ That was my question @canidmajor. When you say swim trunks, are you referring to boardies (Board shorts) or budgie smugglers (Speedos)? Boardies are fine, speedos are not (imo).

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Not here. Bikinis, lovely one piecers that show off a nice figure 8 with a blouse and often a nice wide-brimmed hat, or surf trunks with a shirt and sandals are all perfectly acceptable downtown. It’s also very hot and sunny here, so it’s practical as well.

I wouldn’t try it in Boston, however, no matter how hot it gets. Those guys are the stiffest dressers in the whole world.

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Board shorts. I was told not to wear them including t-shirts and sweat pants to Appointments.

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Is this a doctor’s appointment? People here would go to the doctors in their boardies. It does depend on where you live. I see a doctor in the city and people are generally dressed in business attire, but locally, seeing someone in a pair of boardies and a tee shirt would be quite normal. Guys wear boardies as casual wear here.

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@Earthbound_Misfit No. it was a groceries trip with my outreach worker. It was also brought to my attention that I should never wear sweat pants , swim trunks or t-shirts in public. All I have left are two pairs of jeans and two dress shirts.

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What was their reasoning behind that?

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@chyna I think that they are trying to get me to stand up for myself. The mental health workers don’t like my hair to be long or to go outside without having a shower. They could also be preparing me for work. I had an employment meeting with a placement agency today. Interview clothing got mentioned.

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It really does depend on where you live @RedDeerGuy1. Perhaps people are more conservative where you live. As @Espiritus_Corvus said, boardies wouldn’t fly in Boston, but if you live in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, they would be totally fine. I think sweatpants are a bit risky. Some men wear them without suitable underwear and the result can be a bit much.

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@Earthbound_Misfit: BUDGIE SMUGGLERS! Omigod, I love you so much right now for that!!!

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I think it depends entirely on which town you are in.

A more immediate and pressing question would be is it ok to wear you pajama bottoms to Walmart?

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I don’t see it as too inappropriate. Especially if you are coming or going from the pool or beach, but just to go out in them for no reason I wouldn’t.

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As long as they aren’t form fitting or a speedo it’s OK. Most of them look like shorts anyway.

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”....should never wear sweat pants , swim trunks or t-shirts in public.” You started out making about a job. Those things should not be worn to an interview or some jobs.
Can imagine what the problem with a clean t shirt in public would be.

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@rojo …is it ok to wear you pajama bottoms to Walmart…

Evidently it’s ok to wear anything to Walk Mart!

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