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What would girls wear for "dress like the opposite sex day" at school?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44140points) June 14th, 2017

One time, when my son was still in high school, he came down stairs after getting ready for school. He had on a skin tight, long, grey skirt of mine, a shirt of mine, a bra of mine stuffed with toilet paper, full make up, and combat boots. I looked at him oddly.
He says, “I forgot to tell you it’s ‘dress like the opposite sex day’ at school.”
I must say, he rocked it!
After school he said, “Man, I can’t wait to GET OUT OF THESE CLOTHES AND GET THIS CRAP OFF MY FACE!!”

So, what do you suppose the girls wore that day?

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cowboy costumes

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Covered midriff, loose fitting jeans, and comfortable running shoes.

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Men’s slacks and a button up collared shirt.

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This seems like it could work.

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It won’t require special day for girls to dress like guys..) They can do it any time.

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If it were me, I would dress like the dinner scene in Flashdance, when she was molesting the lobster and her boss at the same time.

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Given that such an event enforces binary gender norms for kids, I would hope no school would do this now. Sounds like a prime opportunity for bullying kids who don’t conform to gender stereotypes.

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I find that opinion extreme. For the most part, clothing IS gender based. The schools aren’t inventing new thoughts.
They have crazy hair day too. I suppose cosmetologists should be offended.

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Long black trenchcoats & gun holsters…

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^^^ coooool

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Oh no! No. Reminds me of Columbine. That really shook me up.

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Made me think of Matrix.

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My kids were in HS at the time. That’s probably why it hit me so hard. Worse, they wanted to try the Goth shit for a while after that. One of my son’s friends kyped my long black coat. I never saw it again.
At Halloween my daughter told me she wanted to go Goth for Halloween. She knew it would set me off. Knowing that that was what she was aiming for I bit my lip, hard, then said, “That’s a great idea! I’ll lend you my Goth Brooks Tshirt to wear!” (I had a Garth Brooks Tshirt at the time. No idea where it came from because I don’t do country, but it was comfortable.)
She just turned away in disappointment!

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LOL way to Mom the moment!

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Boy yes! It was a 5 year trip! One time she put red streaks in her hair, trying to shock me. I loved it, actually! I said, “Oh! You need to put green ones in too, since it’s almost Christmas.”
I was a never ending disappointment to her I think! I’m pretty cool with a lot of things. Except, don’t hang up on me. Don’t you DARE EVER hang up on me!”

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