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Do you give a tip for a to go order that you go in and pick up?

Asked by chyna (46921points) June 14th, 2017

I never know what the protocol is, so sometimes I give about 10% and sometimes I don’t give a tip.

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Yes. I like my food without spit.

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Usually. If there’s a tip jar on the counter, I might leave a token buck, but never the 20% routinely given to a delivery person. But there are many variables to that rule. For example, if you arrive at the restaurant to pick up your food and the counter person pulls a waitress from her rounds to fetch your stuff, I figure the waitress has “earned” a tip. And I make a point of giving it to her personally.

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I usually put $5 in the tip jar if there’s one available.

Sometimes I also leave the following meta tip: transfer your tips from the jar, just in case a tip thief runs in.

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I tip generously for table service. but not at all for takeout.

Maybe I should start throwing a buck in there.

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Last week in fact, I was craving the pasta from a particular pizza shop in the neighborhood. Ordinarily, I would order the food then pick it up, since i want my fettucini steaming hot. But this time, I thought I might risk delivery and then a dose from the microwave. So when prompted on “pickup or delivery?”, I inquired if there was a fee, and if so, was it given to the driver. I was surprised at “yes there’s a fee and no it does not go to the driver.” I hopped in the van, drove the 6 blocks and risked double parking on Mission. I stood before the counter, staring at the tip jar, actually unable to decide what to do.

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And… what did you do?

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80% of the time I do. I don’t do it if I know the money goes to the management rather than the staff. I ask sometimes to find out. You would be surprised how often the staff doesn’t get to keep the tip. Really pisses me off.

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2 bucks in the jar. I mean whose fault is it? What would I be protesting?

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As someone who has worked as a waiter/server/busser/host, yes. Even a little bit can make the difference between a shitty day in a tip reliant job and an okay day.

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Sometimes to be nice I do, especially if it’s a place I frequent or that knows me well, but I don’t feel obligated to for a to go order. However almost anywhere has a tip jar these days. Like all those drive thru coffee places even.

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No, because it seems illogical and never occurred to me, though apparently it makes sense to some people. I thought tips were for service that I’d be doing myself if I picked it up. After all, if I get it delivered, the tip goes to the driver; and if I eat in, it goes to the waiter, and in neither case do I also give a tip at the register, so it seems weirdly imbalanced to give a tip when I pick up. Also much less reason then to go pick something up myself or take out rather than expecting service.

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I don’t.. And if I go to something like IHOP I generally tip around 50%.

I think my reasoning is that tossing it in a jar is for the most part anonymous. And to be honest I tip well to be noticed.

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No. That’s one of the few times that I don’t tip. Where’s the server? Where’s the service? Cooks always made good wages when I was a server. They didn’t live on tips like we did. And they didn’t have to give impeccable service to get them, either.

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Well, we give chef the night off & send Carstairs out with chauffeur to pick up.
Only tip, if the food comes back in any condition but piping hot then one of them is fired.

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What is the rational for tipping on a takeout order?

Tipping is to reward the server for their service. On a takeout, you didn’t have a server and you received no service.

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Aw, what the hell. I’m already spending north of $20.00 for a pizza with toppings, what’s another buck or two in the old tip jar ?

Besides, as @RedDeerGuy1 pointed out, it can also be thought of as “no-spit” insurance….

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I don’t for pick up.

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I tip if I order it and go pick it up and they bring it out to the car. If I have to go in and get it, no.
I also don’t tip if I order it to go inside at the time of purchase usually.

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Meh, not usually. If I have some leftover cash after paying, I might drop it in the tip jar, though, especially if I really like the place. I tend to see tips as something for service, and you don’t really get service when you order to-go. I mean, my friend who works at a burrito place doesn’t expect tips for to-go orders. The tip jar is there if you’re feeling generous, though.

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