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Older guy problems........!

Asked by fldhky15 (3points) August 10th, 2008 from iPhone

ok so I really like this older alot.and we barley talk!how should I get him to notice me and talk to me??????

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depends on how old you are and he is. need details. older like “sugar daddy” old? or older like 10 years or so.

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How old are you? how old is he? If you are 18 and he is 25, thats ok. If you are 16 and he is 19, well, no comment. If you are 16 or younger and he is over 18, stop it. He can go to jail for messing with you. I don’t mean to sound mean, but if he will not talk to you, maybe he thinks you are too young for him.

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For one thing, like charlie asked, what’s the age difference? For another, if you barely talk, it might not be worth it. You probably hardly know anything at all about each other, and you might end up absolutely hating each other…just a thought.

But now for how to get noticed, how old are you [if you’re comfortable answering that]? Or at least, what kind of environment are you in when he’s there as well? School? Work?

If you can give me some details, I’ll be able to answer better.

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we will be in school together the next time i talk to him.

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Logged into the wrong account?

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Well, you can ask him about his classes and major, etc. If you share any interests, go from there.

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nope this is my account.

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yeah i’ve talked to him only a few times. and im really into him.
i wanna go onto facebook and message him,
but im not sure if i wanna make the first move.
in a way.

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Well, he clearly won’t, so why not?

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Why did fldhky15 ask this question and you are providing more info?

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yeah iknow good point.
im so nervous though in a way!

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it is my friend..

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Don’t be nervous. If you like him, you have to find out if he likes you if you ever want to be in a relationship. The only way to get there is to have simple conversations.

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iknow, thankyou!
im going to message him right now!
ah thankyou : )

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I don’t get it. Who’s asking the question ? Seems like one person asked the question, and then someone else took it over. Huh?

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And the leader was not even a question. “Older guy problems…...!”

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as a guy, I rarely ever will message a girl on facebook first…I will allow them to friend request me if they want…I am too worried I will come across and internet creep/stalker. Good choice on sending him a message.

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Fidhky15 sounds suspiciously like Dr_Mrs with a new name!

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@Cardinal; grill her when you see her. School is still out, isn’t it? But you’re right. She has been strangely silent. In spite of everything, she makes me laugh.

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@Fid: weren’t you having symptoms of a heart attack two days ago? Congratulations on the miraculous recovery.

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older guys, there must be something wrong there, an older guy still in the market? you are in for a nasty surprise :s

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I have a 71-yr-old stalker friend from HS, who is available. He is conservative, conventional, a Republican, neat, widowed, golfer, country-club attender, Red Sox fan and pleasant. Let me know whether you want contact info.

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ok not funny..
and fidhlky is my friend.
and its supposto mean FIELDHOCKEY
and from that heart symtoms, she was dyignosed with a sign of early diabetes.
thanks agian.

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