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How would you feel if your two favorite people who had completed everything in an athletic event many times before were eliminated in the first round?

Asked by Myusernamenotyours (177points) June 14th, 2017

It killed me to see both being eliminated… My best friend, and then another one of my great friends…

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This is how every single episode in life goes. Always has, always will.

A good lesson for every one of us to learn….

Today, you.

Tomorrow, me.

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I’m sorry you feel hurt for them.

Victory is made more sweet,
When it follows crushing defeat.

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That’s the brutality of competition, injury/form/training/commitment, lots of factors need to come together for any kind of success to be achieved, add luck to the mix too.
Every dog has it day would be my immediate reaction.

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Shit happens. That’s how life is.

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That’s what competition is.

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