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You gave in and bought a "My Pillow." Was it worth the price?

Asked by Aster (18556points) June 15th, 2017

I am pretty curious about this pillow but still haven’t given in . I use an old, one piece latex foam that gives me no problems. But I’m still curious about My Pillow. My friends, two of them, take theirs wherever they go. But they don’t rank that high on Amazon.
Did you take the plunge and buy one yet? How about your friends?

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I got one as a gift. You still need to flip every five minites to cool down. Its still my favorate pillow. It’s nice and fluffy.

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I used to work with someone who had one and he swore it was the best thing. He said everyone in his family had one. I hear they have special deals on the radio with the price.

I like plain, down or down alternative pillows, nothing fancy. My daughter has a memory foam pillow, which I don’t care for. I guess I’m a pillow traditionalist haha.

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Is that one of these Dakimakura types?

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What are the benefits they are claiming?

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I have no clue, @imrainmaker. I think it’s just general “better sleep.”

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No. I like down pillows.

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Bought hubbie and me both one and we both hated it…..too bulky or something.

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