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Hypothetical: If Ivanka Trump could save her dad's reputation by selling out Jared Kushner, or could sell out her dad and save Jared's reputation - which would she choose?

Asked by elbanditoroso (23308points) June 15th, 2017

Unlikely to come to that. But who would she sell out?

(my answer below after some of you have posted yours)

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She knows who butters her bread. ~is there any way to backstab both?

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I told my best friend that the name ‘Ivanka’ sounds like something you might use to permanenty kill a vampire.

He replied that it made him think of something they use to keep a Russian boat in place.

Larry 100
Me…... 0

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She would save Jared. She knows her dad has faced a lot over the years, and would be no worse for it. I am sure he would bear no grudge, for the same reason.

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It’s a pointless exercise bandit. The thing to appreciate is that there is no external force or individual capable of removing or obfuscating the tarnish from Trump’s reputation. He will neither permit nor tolerate it. And in this he is both extraordinary and unprecedented. I don’t regard Trump as a villain. When you consider the manifest difficulties confronting the man, there is one fact regarding each and every one of them landing Trump in a category he shares with no one else. There isn’t a single item on that list that would be at the crisis point had the man merely KEPT HIS MOUTH SHUT.

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Unlike the rest of us Ivanka probably sees her father and husband through rose tinted spectacles and isn’t fully aware of the contempt in which they are held.

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Does the phrase “Stonewall” mean anything to you? See wont say anything.

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@flutherother Exactly. She’s blissfully oblivious to how terrible they are because she’s likely only ever seen daddy’s good side since she’s his Golden Child and all.

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She would save daddy.
Jared will be very popular in prison.

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@LeavesNoTrace I don’t think she is that oblivious. I think she knows what and how they both are. She probably married Jared because he reminded her of daddy and daddy has been grooming him into the family business for years now. I also think that she is probably of a similar temperment just more skilled at keeping it under wraps. That being said, to answer the question I agree with @filmfann Daddy would be her first choice, he was her first love.

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